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Feb 2015
Sitting out here on the perch,
In the deepest depths of my mind I search.
Searching for memories in the past,
Guess good things have never been made to last.

Leaving behind the cherished few,  
I set out on a journey I ne'er knew.
Leaving behind the place to which I belonged,
On a call I waited for and longed.

Was it the right thing to do,
There may have been another option or two.
Back then I had no option or so I thought,
Within myself a hundred voices I fought.

I travelled far and wide,
Following life wherever it took me.
Lone and lost with no one to confide,
I carried looking for someone to walk by my side.

Flying over a sea of sadness,
Lost as the day goes into darkness.
If I fall would there be anyone to raise me up,
Or will I be the forgotten one?

Words only lead me to the cracks in my disguise,
A mask I once put on to cover the helpless cries.
My flesh a prison for the man behind these eyes,
Wanting to break loose from these ties.

Often the question to me is put,
What changed when here you laid your foot?
What made me withdraw myself into this shell?
I pondered hoping something would ring a bell.

The winds blew hard just then,
I rose and fell  for ten times ten.
Thats when it struck me like a lightning bolt,
Life has changed its pace and Id felt the jolt.

Cribbing and crying I was till now,
Always doubting and raising that eyebrow.
Well life doesn't care not a single bit,
You gotta be fit or thats it.

Be assured you are gonna be tossed and rolled,
May be once, twice or even ten times fold.
Your mettle will be tested no doubt,
Cant afford to let loose or grow stout.

Travelling at speeds never seen before,
Flying into my future and what was in store.
I still cribbed upon the moments I couldn't capture,
The short meetings and departures.

Well I was wrong about that I knew not then,
The moments will come again you know not when.
It aint and never will be in the hands of men,
But you will definitely be greeted by those moments again.

A word you may not recieve from the cherished few,
For long you could go without those moments sweet as dew.
Forgotten you may think you are but you're not,
Always remembered and awaited for by that huge lot.

Right then I saw everything clearly,
I could stretch my wings freely now.
I was back to my old self again,
Finally out of my dark murky den...
Sheldon Dsouza
Written by
Sheldon Dsouza
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