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Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Like I was before I am now.
Reluctant to change I thought I was,
But succeeded to change myself somehow.

Thought you would prefer me that way,
Thought I'd seen hope's ray.
But I was wrong then as I am now.
A ray of hope I hadn't seen,

A mere illusion it had been.
No different than a mirage you were to me,
My minds visualization of a heavenly entity.

Thought I had found joy in a desert of sadness,
Like water in a barren wilderness.
Whoever knew the loneliness I had to go through without you?

Didn't care about it that much,
Who would! after gaining an angel like you as such!

But you never took me seriously,
A joke I was for you clearly.
No matter what I said or did,
You took my words no more than that of a kid.

Hoped for you to be more than a mirage for me,
Hoped that from this loneliness I would alas be free.

But as it had to be,
After chasing you for an eternity,
You disappeared into clarity.

After all the sweet pain you put me through,
You just spread your wings and flew.
Leaving me in this wretched state,
Like a mirage in a desert great great...
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
A simple yes or no will suffice,
go overboard and all doubt you'll entice.
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Walking down a busy aisle,
I look at others and pass a smile.
A distinctive thought crosses my mind,
daily I wonder when will her I find.

She could be anyone amongst the crowd out there,  
an elegant, beautiful lady fair.
Or could be a delicate angel flying above,
waiting to fall into my hands and soothe my pain with her love.

Elusive as she may seem,
she's always with me in my dream.
Dazzling in a gown of white,
blinding me with rays of light.

A mere sight of hers sets my heart pounding,  
no one could be as astounding.
Secretly stealing my breath away,
when with ease I watch her sway.

Her sweet voice calms my soul,  
makes me wanna rock n roll.
Her hair like strands of glistening silk,
her skin glowing like milk.

Swiftly eluding my every attempt to grasp her,
laughing away out of my reach she steers.
This chase she so enjoys,
with me oh how she plays and toys.

I wish I could for once,
at her sweet face pass a glance.
A chance her slender, thin hands to hold,
to protect them from the cold.

To caress her softly,
to calm that growing anxiety finally.
How I long to watch her sleep,
her hair off her face to sweep.

How I wish for my dream to come true,
my very own angel to appear out of the blue.
Until then I shall continue this search of mine,
to find my lady fine...
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Standing in the dark alone,
Chilled down to every bone.
Brittle as every part of me may grow,
Lingering in the silence of your mind you will always find me you know.

You may have felt lonely at times and may have also frowned,
Wonder where my promise went of me always being around.

Wishing for a shoulder to cry on,
Wishing for someone to hold your hand and wipe your tears when you are torn.
Cursing me for not being there,
When life has been so unfair.

At that time close your eyes,
Surrender all your worldly bonds and ties.
Call my name like you always did,
And I’ll be there instantly all your worries & sorrow to rid.

Your heart to mend,
With you the world’s time to spend.
Till that smile on your face returns,
I’ll be there holding your hands through all the tough corners and turns.

Till your eyes twinkle again,
Till all the sorrow from your life I have slain,
Holding you tightly I will remain.

Cushioning every blow you take,
Protecting you from every scratch & rake.
You will always have me to confide in,
Every time you find the world around you spin.

Like a ghost in the background,
My presence you may not feel but in the back of your mind I’ll always be found..
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
The world was once an innocent place,
one where no one had deceit, treason and
manipulation to face.

Everyone was happy, there was no need to worry.
Then came money,
which instantly became everyone's honey.

With money came power,
everyone to obtain this
had a desire.

Blinded by the lust for power,
people became slaves to a devious empire.

Today the world is littered with devious and manipulative freaks,
with a few left to
tolerate these creeps.
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
There is no extent to how low one could get in the conquest to achieve what one desires.
It turns the righteous and truthful into liars.
Have they lost their self esteem?
Yes, I guess, they can bend lower than they seem.

I wonder what fuels their passion for things, t
hat they cut off their own wings.

Fall so low,
start mingling with the dark, lowly life forms below.
The pride in basking of in the glory of their achievements does not interest them,
so basking in another's seems to be the only rem.

Backstabbing, stealing and mutilating others,
glory they find at times to the extent of deceiving their own kind.
Clawing and gnawing, pouncing and fighting, all for what? What's so exciting?

Helplessly they battle each other in the wretched state they are,
but make no attempt to grow wings and fly far instead pull others to that low lying pit of boiling tar.

Passing devious looks,
waiting for the unaware to grab their hooks, stealing their laurels like crooks.
Disgust fills me with a mere thought, once companions now having sunk to that place of eternal rot.

No amount of urging could do them any good,
unless they remember the glory in which they once stood.
Until they regain their sense of pride, until on their own laurels they learn to ride.

They will lie in that pit of shame,
with the lowly life forms playing that wretched game.
As long as on others laurels they rest,
such creatures shall I detest.
Sheldon Dsouza Feb 2015
Not a special friend...
Nor a foe...
Just someone watching your back, while your on the go...

Not someone near...
Nor someone dear...
Just someone to hold your hand when you fear...

Not so sweet...
Nor so sour...
Just someone to walk with you the distance far...

Not someone you'd think of...
Nor someone you'd expect...
Just someone to give you that warm comfy effect...

Not in times of happiness...
Nor in times of glee...
Just someone who's there even when your sailing the saddest sea...

Not someone you'd be aware of...
Nor someone you'd turn around and see...
Just someone who'd be there when you call no matter where you'd be...

Not a comedian...
Nor a clown...
Just someone to invert your frown...

Not a hero...
Nor a angel...
Just someone always two steps behind you in the form of a soul simple...

Not so crooked...
Nor so fair...
But when I got you I knew I'd got more than my share.

Not someone unique...
Nor someone rare...
But a character forever to treasure and care...

Not so close...
Nor very far....
But with you like your shadow I will be my friend, every minute n every hour...
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