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Pretoria, South Africa    My friends deranged thoughts and sadistic ways don't drive me to madness, but a comfortable place of yeah!
23/F/Wonderland    Letters for my little ocean
Lady RF - Rosalie Fayad
Sydney, Australia.    Australian Poet, Rosalie Fayad - Lady R.F. Author of "The Edge of My World" is debuting her poetry book internationally - available at and ...
M/Jamaica    I'm a fun loving guy. I write poems to escape. Take the meaning but not my words. I Copyright my works
Rainey Birthwright
Isle of Skye    All poems written by Seán Mac Falls under the pen name ‘Rainey Birthwright.’ All poems by Seán Mac Falls. Copyright © 1998-2020. All rights reserved. ...
Anubis the Philosomancer
29/We're all a bit mad here.    To each One's own, but I'm keping mine. Everyone has a piece of the divide, but some motha'fucka's really oughtta just give it back. Blessings ...
Milda Miranda
a journal of my wandering soul
🇧🇸 🇯🇲    Ambiguity brings sustenance
Reagan Kulka
In the clouds    I spend my nights dreaming of happy times
Hannah Payne
19 | genderfluid | INFP he/they going to college for a degree in psychology to pick the brains of troubled children, but my head is ...
Louisiana    An ambitious slacker and a perfect paradox. "Why do bad things happen to good people?" Bad things happen to all people. But because some peopl ...
Tyler Frisbie
18/New Jersey    Hope for the best, plan for the worst. Bad shit happens and life brings new opportunities

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