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Anecandu Jun 12
Now I know why you like M & M
To you it means Me and Me.

Your Oliver Twist
Anecandu Jun 12
You always melted in my arms,
Now I seem too cold to keep you warm.
My words once sharp are bluntly obtuse,
They deflect off your ears to emotional misuse.

You pierced me right through to the hilt,
Sieged my confidence to wilt with bricks of guilt.
Burnished all my smiles with sandblasting comments,
Loves bones exposed to all the decadent elements.

I nailed my future to a cross I daily carry,
Hope shoveled away into the back of its lorry.
Dumped over the brink with its where with all's,
My hat is now out for pieces of love (smalls)
Anecandu Sep 2023
Emotions cascade down my waterproof back,
memories, shivering from the coldness I always attract.
As fall butterflies my words turn to gold and fly away.

Raw lust on a platter,
I'm giddier than the Mad Hatter
Where lies the latter, in a secret place.
Anecandu May 2022
The nectar of your silky perfume up my nose rushes,
Saturating my attention like an artist's brushes.

Warming space with the radiating bloom of your smile,
A presence felt in every dimension, by a mile,

So refreshing this cultivated side to you,
These, all your colours the pastels and hues

Learning the sides to you, petals of velvet words,
Unravel my thoughts to peel away the curds.

So sweet so delectably profound
My rehearsed lines go to ground , to ground .........
  May 2022 Anecandu
Forbidden fruit
Let me dine from your tree
Nourish my soul
With the words you speak
Walk with me
Help me explore beyond the concealed gate
Where the path is magical!
The roads are paved with the dreams of everyday
The birds are chirping in the auroral celestial sphere
I can feel the genial breeze kiss my tendered skin.

Come, let's discover the nameless ocean
The depth of limitless possibilities
The waters are black and impenetrable
But my vision has never been so pellucid
Open your heart to this unknown
Release that burden into the great void
Breathe in this air but don't close your eyes
Just let go
Let your body flow with these lenient waters
Leave it all behind that gate we closed.

  May 2022 Anecandu
She smiles
Like the sun kissed flowers
Staring up at the sky
On a field of never-ending blossoms in the summer’s light

But don’t be fooled
There’s a tempest brewing
The cumulonimbus clouds murk over her inner world
So deep into her immaculate soul it’s pursuing

She loves
Like the moon’s devotion
To the vault of heaven
On a glorious gloom

But don’t be fooled
Her darkness is the asphalt
On the terra firma
When the vale is most coruscating

She exposes
Her finest face
Like an overawed beau on the first night
Of *******

But don’t be fooled
Her behemoth lies slightly waken
In the depths of her muddled consciousness
Like a war solider awaiting command

She is two sides
Of the same coin
Tossing for heads or tails
Don’t be fooled

Anecandu Jun 2021
The Ghost I loved but not to be.
Who gave her heart but not to me.

The pieces of my memory lost .
To get them back but what the cost?

One wish of the hands that hold all fate,
one wish before the pearly gates.

That I once more lay my head on her breast.  
And hear the rhythm of her chest.
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