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Anecandu Oct 4
Patent Oxford black and whites
Sparkle like brilliant cut diamonds tonight

Buttoned down ruby shirt well pressed without haste.
A pocketed Rose, stiff and ruffled like royal mace.

My bunions basted with powder warm,
Eyes watery like an onion farm.

Her moco skin against glistening pearls, eyes of a cat
Olive chiffon dress, tasseled tails, round feathered cap

Madonna hair, glowing in pigtails like stew
aroma of perfume, something new?

My hands feel heavy, my heart is light
Your hands are warmer than my pockets held tight

Smile that light up a room, searching anti aircraft rays
Tomato lips turn to me and says:

"I feel like dancing"...………………...
Anecandu Jul 16
You were attracted by my broken spirit.
Wanted- Guardian Angel, you responded.
But did you realize in fixing me
I may not be attractive any more...…...
hmmmmm, food for thought.
Anecandu Jul 16
I close my eyes in cliché to find
the quiet space inside my mind.

The place where inspiration flows in streams,
to trickle and water my orchard of dreams.

My thoughts transport me there like a Vigo.
to clear my lungs and refill my ego,

The trees of hope and fruits they bare,
brings nectar of custard and worry free air.

I rest and lay my burdens in innocent chaste.
with care clearing ivy from your marble face.

I am in the quiet place.
  Jun 14 Anecandu
Kora Sani
i anchor
to the back
of your mind
you wish
me away
but here
i still linger
  May 25 Anecandu
Even the days you feel your most broken, you will still be the only pieces I need.

Anecandu May 25
Down the busy street of happy
Wheels are greased by compromise

Kisses like advertisements seem sappy
Smiles are turnoffs to distracting lies

Too many detours lay ahead
Forward with dust as Dante's Attack

To my love my one and lonely
My rearview mirror has no cracks.
Anecandu May 17
You recycled my heart.
Glùed the pieces of my affection.
Pointed me in loves direction.
Burnished my senses
Broke down my fences
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