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South Africa, Gauteng    Nothing much, really. Just a high school kid with excess thoughts that crave to be expressed. I live a basic life with not too many ...
H M Jeffrey
Missouri    I am a recovering drug addict that has been down a long hard road. I am hoping to soon publish a poetry book called the ...
Amanda Jerry
Los Angeles    Just waiting.
Brendan Watch
Michigan    I've found three things in life: people, books and love.
Daniel Peters
College kid who loves life.
Welcome to my world
Andrew Switzer
New York   
Christa Casper
Idaho    I write, I draw and paint and sculpt and photograph and just about live and breathe everything that has to do with art, I dream, ...
Simon Soane
Manchester    Hi!
Convict colony - Women & Warmth, Rum & Coke, Stars & Science, Wonder & Wanderlust, Painkillers. I'm somewhat of a cocktail, and this is my interior ...
Idaho    "Type 4 is called the Individualist, the Artist, the Romantic. Gifted, original, unique, and passionate." Sure. That'll work. A teenage brunette residing in Idaho owns ...
Need not you to know me to understand my messages :p I like the challenge of writing songs, the way poems flow freely and the ...
Tony Pavoncello
I'm not really into poetry, but I guess sometimes writing some deep stuff is a good way to vent to yourself. My "poems" are more ...
Sara Buzz
21/F    Share your thoughts, requests or suggestions if you have any im sorry if it takes forever to upload
california    i'm lexi and i'm probably in love with you
Zaira Diana
Manila    It's better to get to know me. :)
Denise Ann
Poetic cynic. Wretched. Storyteller. A lover of words. Obsessed with endings.
small town // south    "I have this problem of turning people into poetry before they even have the chance to touch me." -unknown
Andrew T Hannah
Brampton, Ontario, Canada    Hi, I'm a depressed 16 year old with insomnia. Obviously not your regular teenager. I've always loved writing, no matter what type (stories, poems, news ...
Indonesian/my country    If you need a friend, I always be there for you. Just close your eyes, and think of me. Then I'll be on your side. ...
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