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Walking fish and dancing trees, fire flies at noon and whispering leaves; come be weird with me.

Let's run where the Mustangs ride,
Let's roll with blue waves on summer's tide.
Let's gallop with sea snails and tell ancient tales, come be weird with me.

Let's chase the place where the common dare not go, let's dance and chant with African Tribes in Europe. Let's share with the stars the secrets that we keep, come be weird with me.

Let's Waltz with the antelope and hop with the impala, let's walk on frozen water, let's dance to sound of silence.
Come be weird with me.

Let's embrace our pillows,
Let's cheer up the willows, let's purr with the dogs and bark with the cats,
Come be weird with me.

Let's swim on green grass, let's be high on Earth, let's discover our true selves that we lost at birth, come be weird with me.

Let's take a road trip in our imaginations, let's back pack in our minds.
Let's be transparent in the Festival of Colour, let's be exposed in camouflage
Come be weird with me.
By Keoma and I
Funny you should say that, with your bitter self-contradictions.
You act as though you're hidden and reserved then fool yourself in such a way that you become arrogant an absurd.
Name the non-existent roots that you've so confidently called upon, let's see if they're powerful enough to shield you from the truth that lied to you
By Keoma and I
You are the dog starved of knowledge and my words lash at you like a whip on a slave. Our minds are on different planes so why do you even try? Zues himself could not stop me as I am more powerful than time. I shower you with pity as your breeze fights my gale and your words will break like that of a fickle twig. My roots are deep; yours scrape the surface.
By Keoma and I
Well then maybe that's the problem. You'd rather sit there like a bulldog and consume worded irrelevance than stand up and stop time in its dead, ill-fated track
I'll consume your words as time consumes everything
Everything is a choice and none but your fighter's spirit have been lost, in the end accepting what must be accepted is a form of surrender
Like a weak wave that peaks...and then allows itself to be engulfed by the selfish high seas
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