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Hello my name is Jo and Im a shapeshifter
Hello Jo
I change when Im around him
He makes me someone who gets drunk
He makes me into a person willing to forsake those most important to me
He makes me into the worst version of myself
He is my father
He uses everything he's got to overpower everyone else
I learned my shapeshifter habits from him
Thats why Im here
To say enough
To put a stop to my shapeshifter ways
In my dreams
Name it.
It's on the tip of your tongue.
don't worry I won't tell. I'll keep your secret.
I'll help you solve the riddle. well, the old ones are white. the young ones are a raw pink. and the babies are blood red. all in different directions. road maps. showing roads, streets, alleys, and avenues of pain. hidden well and undiscovered. well almost. but it's ok everything can be blamed on the cat or maybe just extreme klutziness. this is the first and last time.......that someone will find out. Locked away with a plain key. one that will never be beautiful or extraordinary never hung on a delicate chain for everyone to see. keep yourself close and your pain closer
all jingling together. one for the house. one for the car. one for the truth. one for the secret never told. you keep them close to your heart. these keys. like the skins of an tearful layer after another must be peeled to find the center. like tiny bells they are constant reminders of commitments and promises. So which one is the key. which one do you what? The key to happiness? Or the key success? pick your key. choose wisely.
You have hurt me too deep this time
Now its irreversible*
She goes into the room that once was a safe haven
She tears all of the things that remind her
Remind her of all the happiness
That has been shot to hell now
She sets all of it on fire
And as the happy facade melts away
The truth is visible
It was a jail cell disguised with
Glow in the dark stars, posters, and pictures of fake happiness
After, sitting alone among her memories
Scattered ashes of a life that has caught fire
She screams for no one and no one comes
And at last the tears wander down her cheeks
Melting into nothing
Disappearing just like her
Sometimes people are in a bad place
And we keep it bottled up where no one can see it
Then at some point the bottle is just too full
And something has to spill out or the glass will shatter
My bottle is full to the brim and has been for a while
This is my spill:
Someone to believe in me
That's all I need
No matter what happens, no matter how many times I fail
No matter how much I change my mind
No matter if I'm cheerful or depressed
I used to have someone who was this to me
But in my limited experience I have learned:
That nothing is forever
This was no exception
There position is open
So far no takers.
How can I explain it to people.
They accuse me of changing my mind.
Of flip flopping
To them I want to say:
"Hey, if you had a life changing decision to make would you just make a snap judgement?"
Should I take the road that takes me the farthest?
Should I take the road that makes me happy?
How can I know what will keep me happiest?
There is no guarantee.
How am I supposed to choose what is best?
Sometimes we make stupid decisions based on stupid things.
I'm afraid of making the wrong decision.
the unreachable black hole disguised as a star

                                                         something you cant quite mange

teasing you with its proximity


                                                                                                       there are many things in the universe control is not one of them
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