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Joshua Haines
24/M/In an agent's pocket.    Follow me on instagram @joshuawrites
poetry is my way of escape. a beautiful thing in which I escape time
Jacqueline Flores
22/Miami    j.f//j.v Ig: jackiee_xx I'm just in love with the words in poetry and with the sound of music
caffeine mermaid
seattle    twenty five yrs old, washington
this account has moved!
Jess Page
Folkestone, England    15 year old English ruby. I blow out my candles on 6th July. My poems will be more songs than poems but may have the ...
Tyler Brooks
Poetry is something I really enjoy. Have a nice day.
Christian HM
Ferelden    Cisguy, queer Identifying, tired, and a ton of other identities and cant think to bring up
Shankara Narayanan
Lily Jean
hi, my name's lily and i like writing.
Jacqueline Akers
Ohio    Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider, is chaos for the fly.
Liz Murray
California    I just write about things deep in my head.
Aric Wheeler
Aric Wheeler is an artistic being... or at least he thinks he is.
Michael Grace
I write.
Sara L Russell
Poet, Artist, Goth, Time-traveller. Founded Poetry Life & Times and edited it for 8 years. Have had poems featured on various websites including Artvilla, Authorsden ...
Cara Anna
New Joisey    Give me coffee, music, books, low-budget horror movies, friends, bonfires, Doctor Who, pistachios, sun dresses, a chance to travel the world and plenty of time ...
23/F/Springfield, Missouri    I'm a talentless hack.
Jaya Gumatay
In a world of my own    the world has swallowed her whole she's fighting in the catacombs of its stomach, she is a brave little warrior
Wolves and Lilies
Yellow Brick Road    A grenade wrapped in love letters.
Billy Gray
Around the way...    When all is over, said and done The path is rough and no longer winding... Put my soul into a loaded gun And send it ...
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