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PrttyBrd  Sep 2013
PrttyBrd Sep 2013
desperate for a break in loneliness
longing to be devoured
heart once removed
prey versus predator
gentle, lays the Beast
slowly fueled by crowds of vacant eyes
primal feasts of flesh
no bearing on the soul
no past
no future
momentarily sated
a life of pretense
constructs of reality morph with mood
crushed and renovated by perception
the soul eats trusting hearts
unable to quench the thirst
it spits out bare bones
and goes on its way
living for the bliss of escape
oblivious to consequences no one else can see
Copyright┬ęPrttyBrd 28/9/13
Sheeda Oct 2012
Souleater, heartbreaker
Send me spiraling into despair
Take my dignity and wear it on your chest
like a medal of corrupted honor.
Show them that you've won this game,
This race among sewer rats
Of whom you are king.
Leave the spent shell of my body
On the ground.
It is of no more use to you.
You are a monster.
The type that hides in shadow
That is shadow
The shadow of darkness on the blackest of nights.
Consume the beings that pass you by,
Drain them of every good thought.
Leave a trail of their hollow husks
With empty eyes and ravaged souls,
To rustle in the wind as you pass.
Collect them not,
For you have the ultimate prize
Burning a hole in your heartless chest,
And walk this vile earth
Leaving terror in your wake.
Kivanc  Dec 2019
Help Me!
Kivanc Dec 2019
One said a sentence:
"You won't get her heart back."
Knowing its truth made me
Godless and wretched.
I can't see behind or front
In my scattered life.
Help me, help me, help me!
Help me please Souleater.
What would I do
When things getting vicious?
Is giving up a choose?
Help me, help me, help me!
Help me please Souleater.
I never start and finish
I just watch dreamer.

— The End —