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Matthew  Apr 2019
Matthew Apr 2019
Sneeeky snek
Out for mous
Sneeky snek
In le hous
He slithery slither
And then he starts wither
Into dust
"I don't feel so good, Mr. Stark"
Dont eat the children sneeky snek
Long taim mi sa mekim rong, gutpla tingting em i kamap. Em ikam na em i toktok wantem mi, na em i tok olsem, "Noken bisi long bihainim gris blong snek olsem ya, bihainim tok blong mi na bai yu inap".

Long nait, nek blo yu isave hamamasim mi. Na long moning, hanmak blong yu i woklo stiaim mi long ol gutpla gutpla rot igo long gutpla gutpla wara. Olgeta hevi i woklo lus.

Long taim mi pasim tingting stret long yu, orait mitupla ikam kamap pinis long maunten igo antap. Na antap blong em i antap moa winim ol klaut. Hau bai mi sakim tok blo yu o? Mi nonap, long wanem, tok blong yu i switpla tumas olsem hani i kapsait niupla tru long sait blong diwai. Bai mi hamamas moa yet na nomoa bihainim snek nem blong em, rong.
I wrote this poem in my mother tongue of Tokpisin. It is about how Wisdom comes and speaks to one about changing their ways.
"Write a poem about snakes because they're adorable boopers"

sneaky snek
looking for maus
i see snek
i boop

{Hope you're happy now}
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Teagan DeVoe  Dec 2014
Teagan DeVoe Dec 2014
Baron Saturday
The Moon God sees these are fitting beasts.
There's a snek in my Jim nest and i'm fully chinned, laughing at
me the walk twist the key's own menstrual pattern.
Wander out of it's not time's own belonging to my neighborhood.
As I (in jest) myselve's own existing
contrary to bird law's bound booklet handed from headless
man on the subway, so it will become.

— The End —