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Mateuš Conrad Mar 2017
the point is: i don't want to write in the style of j. joyce's finnegans wake; but i am, and i feel terrible for doing it... so... m'eh?

you listen to these talks, like you might watch
a football match...
   the art of rhetoric - ars rhetoric(æ):
that isolation of the grapheme stresses the point
that homosexuals are better at talking
than men who consecrate themselves
on the bias that will probably lead to a widow.
they're better at it, and there's no argument
for it: it's a bit like passing the olympic torch
from ****-to-****-to-mouth-to-tongue-to-head-to-ego;
i'll come to the modern notation of that unit
in a minute...
  but oh so rare, walking from the supermarket
and finding a book propped on a... thing?
it's situated in essex, england, and in these parts
you can have this "garden" in-front of
your house, and there's this "hadrian's" wall
isolating this patch of green:
   that's why i said thing: because it's not a fence
in the traditional sense...
    so you're walking back from the supermarket
with a bottle of becks beer and a litre of *****
and mixer in your rucksack (5pence duty stamp
on using plastic bags, remember that)
  and you see a book propped on "hadrian's" wall
(because it is just that: a joke),
well not in this instance, this is a case of a semi-detached
outer-suburban household... and there's
  this book propped on a "fence"... and it's dark...
am i going to nick it / "steal" it?
last time i checked, i didn't believe in *hegel
last time i checked: if i'm in a public place, i.e. a road,
i'm going to use the advantage of someone's mistake
(or intention?) and take possession of the thing;
a bit like... you find a 20quid banknote in a puddle...
are you going to wave it about and shout:
who does it belong to?     would you?
         well... hegel can go **** himself and his
philosophy of right... i can't believe that mere lecture
notes inspired communism, i simply can't believe it,
i mean: it's astouding that it ever occured,
but still... it's so rare to find books on the streets...
i've heard plenty about disowned dogs and that dog
shelter in Battersea... i ought to know, i was bound
to paving slabs on one of their roof extensions...
my grandfather told me this story about how he was
walking through a forest with my uncle (his son)
and found a hanged dog... someone thought it real
funny to tie the noose so the dog was tiptoeing
toward death while suffocating on the noose...
i've had worse trauma... like when walking my doberman
and he bit into **** and what was revealed was
a nest of parasites, at best described: wriggling...
clearly you can build-up a natural aversion to this world,
which is by no surprise the original source of
the concept of god... you start from there, and work
your way down.
    now i'm seriously digressing, ars rhetoric(æ)...
like ha ha crow's ca ca? or is that ka ka ka?
ku klux clan... mortal kombat... whatever.
                just about as much sense when listening
to and hearing an "oohbow" concerto
in some minor or major key (i don't remember which
one it was)... but like a blind-man fiddling
with an elephant (the modern day version of
the male grææ... as seen in homer, as seen in macbeth...
but those were 3... i'm talking 5)...
  i also thought about fiddling with the "orthography"
(that term usually denotes the aesthetic practice
of adding diacritical marks, which english doesn't:
otherwise known as the **** of ιota)...
   i could see a clarinet perfectly, clear distinctions (i mean);
but an oh-bow?                    oboe?
    how can these two variations not yield the same
pronunciation if not via the tetragrammaton?
            clarinet in jazz     horns in ska-punk,
ladies to the left, gents to the right...
                     clearly my idea of **** schizoi creates
more competent understandings of a human,
who is insapiens...
                   ****, talk about libido, but to this extent?
hmm... so the ιota was ***** by a diacritical mark
that's practically disjoined from an umlaut...
   see the arithmetic ι i ï? otherwise known as the ee
in: i need to take a ****... or the boo-boo word of ***.
   the same thought approached me when
i contemplated the acute version of N (en) - ń,
variations include: close approximates of knee,
then vary through to: me me me expressed in a nagging
                   oh right... words that have this acute:
     day... dzień...
then they'll call it cultural appropriation, and i'll
call it: cultural integration.
                  but ń did something, it revealed the **** of
ιota...  it's this enforced diacritical mark on the greek
letter (and j) that doesn't exist on other letters
as it sometimes should...
       but it all depends on the following rule

                            ae  i  ou
                     ­             x

x is treated as a consonant for it's own sake, i could have
inserted some other consonant, but the stress
is how and when you apply diacritical marks,
given the stated example of the diacritical mark hovering
over n.
               and really? the **** of ιota is involved, which
probably invoked the complexity of the anglo sprechen
to such an extent that it spread for far and wide...
    why would i even put a diacritical dot over s?
what would that represent, for ****'s sake?
                                                           ­               i!
in polish you'd say that as         e! oddly or not so
oddly enough.
           but there is a collision happening
   given the predestination concept of i (what culture
would appropriate that, if not the most hostile /
successive one?) -
                 the acute diacritical mark on the n
disappears depending where the (enforced half umlaut of)
i is placed...
     for example in the word        no....     nie...
that dot above the iota just ate the acute over the n...
    then back to the word for day           dzień....
it's at the back, so the aesthetic twists into an σς scenario...
(sigma sigma)...
                  nudzi (he bores people)...
        nagi (he's naked)...
                            i could really do with a macron on that a,
who knows, maybe language encoding really is
worth symphony complexity: or is that why i'm
jealous of music composers?
               i'm just trying to look for a word
that encompasses my concept of ń....
     a real kinder sprechen example as simple as 1 + 1 = 2,
evidently i will not find it and only come up with
something as "simple" as 1 + 1 = 3.
on one side the sensual beast,
on the other a reasoning ***** -
as you age the less you sense, but at the same time
the more you reason; in my case it happened exponentially
thanks to Chernobyll (it did begin with one of
the scandinavian countries being able to record
radiation... in poland you had a park, in a small town...
and half the trees were in summer and half
were in autumn):
   because if you **** things up on an atomic scale
you're not going to exactly see a tornado, in a specified
location for adrenaline junkies to go and film it!
then there was this idea that i had
               about certain layers of language,
   braille, sign-language, covert talk and open talk,
basically boiling down to honesty, and the latter to
    so this book i found yesterday... about as rare as finding
a 20quid banknote...
             now i seriously believe this book is a pillar
to language... right up there with the dictionary and
the thesaurus...
            published by c collins (obviously)...
and its sole author: nigel rees (couldn't be bothered with
italics, so i used the colon)...
          ah **** it, it's only descriptions of the cover,
the book is paperback so it doesn't matter...
although what does is...
   the entry (to be) in the same boat (page 347)...
that's why i was sniffing the book up yesterday
(bibliophiles' prime fetish, after ******* the books)...
    the entry originated from cicero
in 53bc... in the original latin     in eadem es navi,
later used in 1941ad after pearl harbor
(funny u, look: harbour)    - of consequences
                                     roosevelt said, churchill quote(d).
tangshunzi Jul 2014
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Diego Scarca Dec 2010
Nevica a Parigi
sugli alberi di carta,
sugli addobbi di Natale sgonfi,
sui bambini di plastica
e sui castelli di latta.

Nevica a Parigi una neve fiacca
che s’incolla ai cappotti della gente
che si trascina per strada
con aria distratta.

Nevica nei caffè,
attraverso i vetri,
sui boulevards deserti
e sui nostri sguardi tetri.

Si colorano di bianco
la cupola dell’albergo di lusso,
il tettuccio dell’edicola senza giornali,
il carretto delle castagne arrosto,
il marciapiede su cui scivola una dama
e cerca un cantuccio il barbone.

Nevica a Parigi, senza ragione,
sulle donne e sugli uomini.

Nevica nei grandi magazzini,
nelle chiese vuote
e nelle nostre stanze.
Sulle autostrade inondate di fango
che corrono sopra la città,
sulle scarpate coperte d’immondizia
e sulle nostre frasi lasciate a metà.

Nevica a Parigi sulla terra
del parco in cui non attecchirà
più l’erba, sulla nostra visione
acerba delle cose.
Nevica a Parigi come per illusione.

Nevica perché non ha
nessun senso che nevichi,
perché siamo in inverno
ma non è detto che torni
il bel tempo.

Nevica sul cemento
di chi ha avuto il coraggio
di costruire i grattacieli per i grandi
e le cabine di comando
per gli uomini d’affari
dagli occhi stanchi.

Nevica sui ghetti e sulle città satelliti,
sulle lampade al neon
dei luna park abbandonati.
Nevica, in televisione e al cinema,
per i negri, i bianchi,
le persone sole e gli alcolizzati.

Nevica e le cose si perdono
in un pulviscolo.
Da un vicolo sbuca
un autobus senza autista,
da un altro una carrozza
trainata da elefanti.
In un carosello di fiocchi di neve
impazziscono le immagini.

Nevica a Parigi sui camposanti.

Nevica nei bordelli e nelle bettole,
nei salotti alla moda,
nei negozi degli antiquari
e nei quadri che i pittori
non hanno fatto a tempo
a terminare…

Nevica sugli operai stanchi
di non lavorare,
sulle matrone che si abbandonano
alle braccia dei drogati.
Nevica sugli ospedali e sugli ammalati.

Nevica sugli aeroplani e sulla notte,
sulle navi e sul vento,
sull’eco delle stragi,
sul pianto dei feriti
e sul rantolo dei moribondi.

Nevica a Parigi
sul tempo che finisce
in un’esplosione di secondi.

Nevica sulla neve
e nevicherà ancora.
E’ una neve che a tratti ci sferza
e a tratti ci ignora.
E’ una neve che spazza via tutto,
una neve spietata.
Perché a Parigi da oggi nevica
nella nostra mente annebbiata.
Diego Scarca, Architetture del vuoto, Torino, Edizioni Angolo Manzoni, 2007
shireliiy Nov 2015
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Quando tra estreme ombre profonda
in aperti paesi l'estate
rapisce il canto agli armenti
e la memoria dei pastori e ovunque tace
la secreta alacrità delle specie,
i nascituri avvallano
nella dolce volontà delle madri
e preme i rami dei colli e le pianure
aride il progressivo esser dei frutti.
Sulla terra accadono senza luogo,
senza perché le indelebili
verità, in quel soffio ove affondan
leggere il peso le fronde
le navi inclinano il fianco
e l'ansia dè naviganti a strane coste,
il suono d'ogni voce
perde sé nel suo grembo, al mare al vento.
Brianne Rose Mar 2019
Across Hyrule he shall roam,
After Navi finds him and gives him his cue,
He shall visit Ranches, Castles, Villages, even a Tomb,
While wandering new garb he'll find - Wearin Green, Red, and even Blue.

This man - too old, too pure - rages at almost every turn,
Throwing controllers and yelling loud,
Cursing as he watches his stream crash and burn,
Not caring yet always aware if he's doing so in front of a crowd.

A streamer true,
A rager pure,
Old Man Skip is a runner for you,
Plays it once, plays it twice, but he'll play it for sure.

His highs and lows are far yet few,
Good days, bad days every day in-between,
He still greets everyone with smile weather old or new,
Stick around a while tell what you've seen.

Wave a hello, say a good-bye,
But always know:
Heroes are forever remembered - but Legends?
Legends Never Die
Made this for a good friend of mine :D feel free to comment
It appears and disappears at will but still seems the same.
If I stare long and hard then inch by inch,
yard by yard things get closer,
these are imperial measures because it's too difficult to find the
metric result in the converter
and it hurts a
man to realise that he hasn't got the savvy
to be a modern

rhymes are optional and proportional to the whole which is
also getting closer.

memory being relative to recent history
I'll plead the fifth and take a drink
that's how it appears and disappears
things rear their ugly heads
monsters underneath our beds
we sleep on
unaware that out there
the World is changing.

On this day, in 1932, a pilot young, to India came.
Young JRD Tata n his friend, established a name.
Born was Airindia, it's existence soon came.
For him dear and exciting was this game.

Jeh, you would have brought your Airindia, a lot of fame.
But they didn't let you stay on; o what a shame !
Things that changed, now will never be the same.
Sell they want to, your child, who now is lame.

Jeh, now I wish, at least the airport at Navi Mumbai, bears your name.
O how I wish, for this, all Airindians exert an emphatic claim.
May Ahura rightly grant you this, much deserved fame.
In the annals of history, may always, brightly shine your name.
Aedoon baad.

Armin Dutia Motashaw
Quando tra estreme ombre profonda
in aperti paesi l'estate
rapisce il canto agli armenti
e la memoria dei pastori e ovunque tace
la secreta alacrità delle specie,
i nascituri avvallano
nella dolce volontà delle madri
e preme i rami dei colli e le pianure
aride il progressivo esser dei frutti.
Sulla terra accadono senza luogo,
senza perché le indelebili
verità, in quel soffio ove affondan
leggere il peso le fronde
le navi inclinano il fianco
e l'ansia dè naviganti a strane coste,
il suono d'ogni voce
perde sé nel suo grembo, al mare al vento.
Quando tra estreme ombre profonda
in aperti paesi l'estate
rapisce il canto agli armenti
e la memoria dei pastori e ovunque tace
la secreta alacrità delle specie,
i nascituri avvallano
nella dolce volontà delle madri
e preme i rami dei colli e le pianure
aride il progressivo esser dei frutti.
Sulla terra accadono senza luogo,
senza perché le indelebili
verità, in quel soffio ove affondan
leggere il peso le fronde
le navi inclinano il fianco
e l'ansia dè naviganti a strane coste,
il suono d'ogni voce
perde sé nel suo grembo, al mare al vento.

— The End —