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Olliver  Nov 2018
Smile for me
Olliver Nov 2018
God your smile
God your smile
God your smile
Blue eyes
Not dull but silver
Laugh like lighting
Soft as rolling thunder
Cold hands
The instinct to grab them
To warm them
Soft lips
Perfectly shaped
You bite them when confused
Purple hair
Dark until the sunlight
But god your smile
The wrinkles around your eyes
The way your lips curl up
The way your teeth separate
E v e r
******>s l i g h t l y
The chuckle
The tilt in your shoulders
The silver in your eyes lights up
Anastasia May 13
Hearts tend to break
when they're left all alone.
Although, you can prevent this
if your heart is made of stone.
Your heart won't hurt,
and it will never ache.
Your heart will be yours,
for no one else to take.
Pretty blue eyes,
won't make you cold.
Or make you shiver,
with a love so bold.
Hands won't run,
through soft brown hair.
Laughter won't echo,
through the watermelon air.
Your heart is yours,
and yours alone.
Your heart is yours,
for no one else to hold.
a boy i love
MARIO  Oct 2018
Blue Eyed Baby
MARIO Oct 2018
I always come running
When I catch a glimpse of them
My heart starts drumming
When my eyes meet your gems
Crystal pieces of broken off heaven
How could a guy even resist?
Everyday we'd dress in denim
Meet under the moon and kiss
Listenin' to some John Lennon
And those eyes like the ocean's abyss
Once again, in them I get lost
But that's just how I wanna be
"This feeling has a simple cost -
True love" and your eyes gleamed like the sea
My locked heart found a key

— The End —