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Rachael Stainthorpe
Huddersfield    Just bleeding words
Lacus Crystalthorn
Disappear with me.
Roses Behind Every Thorns
21/F    Poetry is the expresser of life poetry is music, Shakespeare, art poetry is pure emotion. It helped fill in the cracks of my toughest days, ...
Victor Thorn
Oklahoma    Omni-interested.
Daniel Thorne
21/M/Michigan    A poet from a place called Lighthouse Island. There's magic there, and even though things aren't always perfect, everything is always beautiful.
Jennifer Thorsen
Valhalla    I think my poems immediately come out of the sensuous and emotional experiences I have. ~ Sylvia Plath
Robin Thorne
MI    I'm just trying to expand my talents.
36/M/cape cod    It goes one to the next, all the events closing together, even when i think they've never met
Elizabeth Thorn
Amateur Adventurer and Artist. I have a habit of drawing on myself. As an avid insomniac I spend most of my time on discovering new ...
Petals and Thorns
Nowhere, but everywhere    I lived I loved I hoped I broke I write
London    I love to make music with my thoughts, and feelings. Emotion is the rhythm of our lives.
Elizabeth Thornton
U.S.    If you are a dreamer come in If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar A hoper, a pray-er, a magic-bean-buyer If you're a ...
I'm just a humble man trying to find his light in a dark world.
Rhianna Thorn
Sydney, Australia    "Nothing golden ever stays."
Robert Thornton
Justin Asa Thornwood
Saltlake City,Utah    I am just a fabrication of your imagination.
16/F/Amsterdam    my friend made me do this
Madison Thorne
Joplin, Mo   
Edward Hawthorne
I'm a writer. Poetry isn't exactly my forte, so I would love some feedback. I'm a nerd, introvert, Harry Potter fan and cinephile.

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