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Melissa Thorne Aug 2020
I thought I was like a bird safely sitting on that wire.
Foolishly thinking I could bypass your electric fire.
But I am no tightrope walker,
    So I slip
         the sparks
                           my grip
                                    me in a
Melissa Thorne Apr 2015
She is thin and waifish,
A brittle piece of paper.
He is volatile and uncontrollable.
Within him he carries a spark,
Unknowingly he lights the girl.
At first she glows,
Burning brighter and brighter,
Until she ignites.
She flames and fires
At first he is terrified.
Her sudden passion meets his
And he is drawn to her.
He seizes her seeking her heat.
They are caught in an inferno,
He revels in her magnificence.
She dies down exhausted.
A husk of her former self.
She burned too bright
Melissa Thorne Jun 2012
Turn on the moon
and I will dance for you.
Melissa Thorne Jun 2012
Inspiration spirals away,
as the clock drones on.

If only the flickering
fluorescent light,
would ignite,

Oh to feel fire,
caressing the soul.
Like the child,
who on a dare,
took to the clouds.
Then scrapped the skin
off his shin but won the glory.

Even captured with pen,
the fire wanes.
Smothered by the clock,
Never satisfied.
Melissa Thorne Feb 2012
A flower erupts,
Releasing pungent fragrance,
Signalling new life
Melissa Thorne Feb 2012
I can no longer be a poet,
For I feel no anguish deep in my soul.
There is no two timing lover,
Nor bruises marring my heart.

And there is nothing here to startle you,
I offer no sting to make you feel alive.
There is no vicarious pleasure to be had in these words.

I cannot lament missing voicemails,
Or rage against machinations,
There is no more fodder for my word press.

Now I only sigh over ***** dishes,
Or anticipate primetime television.
My heart flutters for clean sheets.

So I cannot help you cry,
Because I fell in love
And so I must retire.
Melissa Thorne Dec 2011
The birds are all talking about me,

But in Greek.
a 10 word ode to Virginia Woolf
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