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Elizabeth Thorn May 2014
I give to you this collection of swiftly decaying organisms in the chance that it might sway your stone heart to beat once again.
I take you to the beach in the early morning. In the hopes that the color might return to your pale, rotten skin.
I offer you my jumbled thoughts in words while you sleep. To ensure you won't truly hear me because I know you cannot care any longer.
I offer you my jacket, though you insist you no longer feel the cold. I give it despite knowing you to be right.
I hold aloft the umbrella though your eyes say you don't care as your damp hair clings to your neck.
Darling, they told me to move on. At times I know they're right and at times I know they're also wrong. As a human can be both ugly and beautiful, they can be both right and wrong.
I need to stop loving a corpse.
Elizabeth Thorn Feb 2014
I feel the flames creep through the corridors
Devouring each room in seconds
Searching, searching
The Smoke
Stealing the oxygen from my lungs
I feel it clog my throat
Breathing black tar
Clouding my vision as it clouds my lungs
The building trembles with me
Booth shudder as we struggle not to be consumed by the fire
The blaze casts it’s tongues to me, scorching me
It reaches for me
Beckoning me into it’s welcome arms
It coils it’s temptation around me, restricting
Lacing through my veins
You are the fire
Freeing me
Killing me.
Elizabeth Thorn Feb 2014
I stand at the edge of this forest weeping
My demons hiding, creeping, creeping
I’m searching for a hint of light
Separation from this endless night

Some how this darkness caught me
Tearing away all that I could be
Keeping me from those around
It never let me make a sound

As months, years passed
Over and over again I asked
The same question that plagued my mind
Though it held an answer so hard to find

At last I found it would speak to me
Give the answer I thought I may not see
I asked for my means of escape and for it to be true
“To escape, the person you must **** is you.”
Elizabeth Thorn Jan 2014
Regardless of whether you're here or not
I'll lay awake tonight
And every night that follows
And I'll think of you
Your voice will lace my cries
Your being will haunt the tears
I have been forsaken
Regardless of whether you notice
I will draw blood again
Maybe once
Maybe hundreds
Even the closest can be blind to it all
All it took
Was to see
How little I meant to you
To bring me back so low
To know that I'm a game again
A simple pawn for the playing
I'm screaming out your name
Though I know you can't hear me
All the while knowing
I'm hardly a blink to your eye
Can you not see me?
Or do you simply just
Elizabeth Thorn Jan 2014
Everything ends

Even you
Even me

So take this dagger
And plunge it deep

As we lay dying
Our blood pools as one

Our fingers intertwined
I look in your eyes

I see freedom
A world without pain

A world free from hardships
As we lay dying

Our memories behinds us
Both good and bad

None of it will matter
Now we are one and the same
Elizabeth Thorn Jan 2014
Promise not to fade from my eyes
Promise not to fall to the hands of defeat
You're all I need
You're all I have
You're all I am
I stand here battered and broken
My feet tethered in this hell
My demons clawing at my skin
I'm grasping for your hand
Don't you say I've given in
I'm holding to this broken heart
As I watch you fading away
You're letting go
You're giving in
You no longer see me here
You're fading into darkness
All the while I'm chained to you
Our hearts are set in sync
Our bond written in blood
You're bringing about your death
And I'm fallowing all the while
Elizabeth Thorn Jan 2014
And the depression hits
Like a raging winter
Icing my veins
Chilling my soul

A vast emptiness
Soon to consume me
Eager to eradicate
All that I am

Festering Loneliness
And eating away inside
These hollow inhibitions
Filling my lungs

I am a mere host to you
My demons
A slave to you
Your cruel intentions

Maybe this longing will suffice
Prolonging this ever longer
An eternal slumber to my sanity
An eternal request for the end
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