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Mohan Sardarshahari
56/M/India    All poems are my inner voice and are protected under copyright laws.
vamsi sai mohan
Kailash's truly exhilarating to see how the blackness can be scattered in an endless void of empty space....
Rohan P
M/Pacific NW    penciled roughly
Mona Mohamed
25/F    Maybe it's not about courage. Maybe it's more than a closed-eye moment of bluntness. Maybe you like the interior design of your mind, And you ...
60/M/New Malaysia    If you find my writing offensive or awful please let me know. If you find it enjoyable or inspiring please spread it around
I am a poet ( I write in both Arabic and in English languages). I am a translator - an interpreter ( English - Arabic ...
18/F    Hello! I'm just a random girl who has too many stories trapped in her mind. This is where I set them free.
Johanna Magdalena
23/F/Norway    I´m a journalist, and a poet in my free time. From Norway. Other pages:
33/M/South Africa    Poems
M/Egypt    I am a writer and have several; blogs at Google. I have also several books at Amazon, Lulu, and kobo. They are for children and ...
17/F/indonesia    excuse my broken english :))
22/F/NeverLand    I bleed words on paper and call it Art.
Hiba Mohammed Sobh
20/F/Beirut    I am a poet and writer from Beirut, Lebanon, poetry comes from the depths of the heart, and the whisper of the soul, a breathe ...
Norway    I like flowers, tea, books, tattoos, music festivals and music
Mohammed Arafat
28/M/Virgina    My name is Mohammed Arafat from Gaza, Palestine, living in Virginia, US, and I aspire to become “a voice for Palestine, expressing the people’s hopes ...
Soham Chakraborty
18/M/Kolkata    Part-time Poet, Full-time Romantic.
Ben OHara
I've been writing since about 15 when I first discovered what indie music was. Major influences of mine include Aaron Weiss, Bob Dylan, Conor Oberst, ...
17/M/London    a mess that can sometimes be mistaken for art
Ghania Sohail
Islamabad, Pakistan    How could she sleep when you filled her head with ideas bigger than a dream?
Rohit Rohan
Ian Johan-Gomez

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