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I am walking under the crescent,
thinking about the past and the present.
My hands in my pockets,
of my winter coat.
It’s cold,
so am I,
inside the warm coat.
Different shadows appear and fade,
all around me.
in my right,
in my left,
in front of me,
and behind me.
They come and go.
I think someone is trailing me,
from behind,
Or even above.
No one is around, I look.
It’s just my shadow.
I realize everyone leaves but not the shadows.

Mohammed Arafat
Mohammed Arafat Dec 2019
When it gets impossible and hard
when it becomes out of the way
and unlikely to happen
tell me you are by me

When I try hard and try
but I fail with no passion
and my hopes, like me, die
tell me you are by me

When I have none but you
your love, miracles, calmness
when I believe all you say is true
tell me you are by me

When I look at the skies
they are dimmed and grey
when I see nothing but lies
tell me you are by me

When I watch the high trees
in the deep woods
finding no green, no breeze
tell me you are by me

When I try to listen to birds
but no birds to sing
but owls to grieve with no words
tell me you are by me.

When I feel depressed and alone
with a fluttering heart
when I moan and groan
tell me you are by me

When my eyes filled with tears
and they drop on my cheeks
when my heart filled with fears
tell me you are by me.

When I kneel at your door
After your heaven and throne
with tears on the floor
tell me you are by me.
God, tell me you are by me.

Mohammed Arafat
When things get complicated with us, we talk to ourselves trying to make God hear us as much as we can, so we, submissively, kneel to him asking him to be with us.
Mohammed Arafat Dec 2019
The main street whitened.

It’s snowing outside,

in this moonless evening.

Squirrels look out their burrows.

Owls try to find shelters on top of the high leafless trees.

Across the Street, walks a homeless boy,


trying to cover himself with his arms.

No family, no house, no toy.

Walking barefoot into suburbs,

is his thing.

Nothing left but his memories.

Nothing left but his nightmares.

Nothing left but his fear.

He walks on the wet asphalt,

and the cold mud.

He looks into windows,

finding a different world;

babies cradled,

others put to sleep,

kids fed,

while playing together,

behind the closed doors,

happily, around their parents,

and around the dining set.

The smells,

of winter dishes spread.

Inciting his appetite.

He lost his family,

Because of, either, devastating wars,

or unfair starvation,

either after reaching the shore,

or before asking for immigration.

Mohammed Arafat

No matter the degree of happiness we reach, homeless kids should be remembered.
Mohammed Arafat Dec 2019
It’s dimmed outside.
Sun is leaving us for so long.
Heavy Clouds approach.
Skies cry dew at the dawn.
and rain at the twilight.

Trees lose their green leaves day after day,
just like a child losing thier family.
No more green or yellow leaves on trees.
Birds halt building nests,
as they travel with the sun,
taking their chicks with them,
to look for new home, new food.

Lovers see each other not much,
as parks closed and roses wilt.
Harbors blocked and waves get high.
Golden shores wetted, green hills yellowed.
No places for love.
They decide to travel with the sun.
Everything beautiful travels with the sun.
Everything beautiful travels with the sun.

Mohammed Arafat

Melancholic Fall
Mohammed Arafat Dec 2019
I open the window at midnight,
and stand by it,
to beautify my eyes,
looking at Gaza city.

The sky is clear.
The moon is crescent.
It’s breezing from the sea.
The tops of the palm trees dancing,
under the lights of the flying stars,
and the falling meteors and comets.
I can smell the oil of the olive trees in the East.
I can taste the citrus fruits of the West while far.
It seems this city won the satisfaction of God.

I am watching the light go on and off,
in the small buildings,
across the street.
Some families get lights.
Others get darkness while there is light.

I try to look through the windows,
but it’s not easy.
Some of them are opaque though.

In one of the buildings lives a big family,
spending the night waiting for the morning,
and its unexpected surprises.
In another building lives a young man,
chatting with his fiancée,
about their wedding delayed for five years.

Three orphans live in a makeshift home, made of tin plates.
Weeping, they can’t believe they lost their parents just recently.
Beside their home, widowed woman resides.
She thinks she could bring her husband back.

On the second floor, there is a girl,
waiting for her lover to come.
He promised to marry her years ago,
but he turned up missing while trying to migrate.
Her mother awaits her son,
to come back from the café,
where he hookahs and smokes for hours.

In another building stays four graduates,
sitting in front of big screens,
applying for jobs,
Knowing they won’t get any.

On top of them, lives an artist,
criticizing his careless government,
and cursing the occupation on social media,
waiting to be arrested and humiliated soon.
In Gaza, live humans.

Mohammed S Arafat
December 2nd, 2019
Gaza people love life, and after all they are humans.
Mohammed Arafat Nov 2019
It’s dimmed outside.
Birds come back to nets with empty corps,
but with a lot of warmth and compassion.
Their hatchlings and fledglings will sleep hungry tonight.
I can hear their birdsongs though.
Strong wind blows,
across the yard,
and all around the cosy nests.
High deciduous trees rustle,
shuddering me.
Withered dry leaves fall,
reminding me of those humans falling every day,
without saying goodbye to their final autumn,
in my homeland,
in Palestine.

Mohammed Arafat
Nobember 20th, 2019
Sometimes the only thing you can do for your people suffering every day is writing a poem.
Mohammed Arafat Nov 2019
Rain is over,
but I see raindrops all over the window,
while I am wrapped with three blankets,
and the fourth folded beside me.
It’s getting colder,
and I am getting warmer.
From the window,
I see neighbors having a campfire,
in their backyard,
With their kids around them.
I am warm, they are warm,
but thousands out there are not.
I am thinking of them all…
I am thinking of them all…
While you are in your bed covered with blankets and love, don't forget that there are thousands who aren't.
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