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Ohani Dec 2018
He’s like the break of dawn,
Like the smell of freshly brewed coffee.
The unwrapping of a gift,
A lunar eclipse.
He’s a bouquet of roses,
And the worst is
I run out of wonderful things
To compare him to.
Because the best of it all
Is that he’s mine.
Ohani Nov 2018
He calls it fun
Laughter and games
Sweet nothings to say
He calls it fun
My heart in his hands
I can barely stand
He calls it fun
Talking in the phone
He feels like home
He calls it fun
I call it magic
Ohani Nov 2018
He makes art
Not with his hands
But with his eyes
They stroke the canvas of my heart
Back and forth in a rainbow
Colors of life and passion
He plays music
Not with his hands
But with his smile
Drums play whenever he does
Trumpets flare at his walk
He Touches me
Not with his hands
But with his soul
Where I’ve found a resting spot
For these tired bones
He IS art.
Ohani Nov 2018
There was a moment
A perfect moment
Where the night was young
Spirits were high
I stole the night
You whispered in my ear
Everything I longed to hear
And I lived
I soared
I let go unabashed
My laughter booming
Cheeks burning
Butterflies churning
And there you were
Perfectly unaware
That long before
I had dreamed of this
Prayed for this
Yearned for this
Now it’s arrived
But I can only think of this night
First Date
Ohani Nov 2018
Tell me you’re here to stay
My hands are empty
The storehouse barren
Yet I still have love to give
It’s all I own
All I’ve grown
I’ve learned life is too cruel
wilting roses
Stuffed noses
And tattered souls
Yet in your eyes I see the light
Meant to give the world hope
So stay for me
And I’ll plant you a rose garden
And  give you my heart
That never hardens
Ohani Nov 2018
A flower has bloomed
Amidst the chill of winter
How fitting it seems,
Getting to know you
As the season changes.
My tears dried and cracked
Staining my newly blushing cheeks as your voice lulls
My aching heart into remission.
Two adults, now young again
Testing the waters of friendship
How sweet it tastes to a dried mouth, these words of affection .
you've freed this heart
Too long in a cage
Now ready to take flight
Taking me to new heights
Blooming once again
Ohani Oct 2018
I don’t want to go on
Not without you
Not without you at my bedside
Not without your warmth
Or your touch
Without your company
Please end this
I’m f
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