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Chicago    "Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music." -Jimi Hendrix
Canada    Home grown from Ontario Canada, city girl. Just an ordinary girl with a dream and a plan. Author and Artist. Discovering things all over through ...
18/F    I am unapologetically me.
F/America    running in place
Ireland    ...... Taking a break ......
I hope you enjoy my writing, feel free to leave feedback for me. Writing is my passion and I am always striving to do better, ...
16/Trans/Lost but being found    ive struggled but im being fixed. also i love Julie and the Phantoms. check it out on Netflix.
Lizzy Love
St🐜on, VA    Sinking ink into poems with hope to find reflections in the puddle of life.
Izzy here, lover of turtles. I love to write, I began when I was eight. I write short stories and novels, but I remember I ...
Izzy Stoner
17/F    I love to express myself through poetry and I love to be inspired
Lizzy Pegler
Izzy Lotus
Izzy Krompack
United States    her vibes are rad but her mind is sick walking the line between happy and sad but its rather slick ive fallen once or twice ...
Swiftie.Dreamer.Writer "It always seems impossible, until it's done." - Nelson Mandela A 15 year old girl, whose veins run with coffee, writing her thoughts as ...
Lizzy M
~In hiding~    ♡Be the change you want to see in the world.♡
Tx    I just want to get things off my mind, new to this.. Everything I write or type is from my own experiences or mind. Thanks.
Izzy Nolan
i am just a girl with words, and one day, i fear i may run out.
15/F    I write poems to cope with my struggles. Please remember you are loved and what’s meant to be will be.

— The End —