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Izzy Mar 2021
They glance at each other and begin to laugh
But just as fast as a lighting bolt, they quickly turn their heads with tears forming in their eyes
And just like this, it went and went
All the days of the years
In a world where they don’t belong

Late at night they whisper their outlandish hopes and dreams
But when they hear footsteps coming closer, those whispers of a new tomorrow vanish like a ghost in a haunted hotel
Their smiles fade to frowns and their eyes hold onto a false hope
And just like this, it went and went
All the days of the years
In a world where they don’t belong

Whenever others look at them, any sign of joy melts away just as quickly as it appeared
They hide their secrets in tears and frowns
Almost like angels disguised as devils
And just like this, it went and went
All the days of the years
In a world where they don’t belong
Izzy Mar 2021
If I could rewrite our story
I would change things between us
Like the day you said you were leaving to Texas
I would make you stay here with me
And we’d become something more
We would sit under the stars together
You would look at me and I would gaze up at you
Together, our hearts would beat the same rhythm
And our souls would sing the same song
We would be unified, more powerful than ever
And for once, we could call ourselves soulmates
Izzy Mar 2021
I guess I meant nothing to you
I thought I was special
I thought I was more than one of the many people
I thought I was different
But nope
I was just a pawn in a plan
A somebody who ended up a no one
In your mind I had no name, no meaning
But in my mind, you were my everything
And my only reason
You were mine
But I guess I wasn’t yours

You were my love
I was your friend
You were my first choice
I was your last choice
You were the best thing in my life
I was only another girl
You were my soulmate, my missing piece
I was a somebody, but not the one
You were my everything
I was your nothing
We both lived on earth
But, I guess we lived in different universes
And we somehow collided
But it meant nothing to you
I meant nothing to you
And I’ll never mean anything to you
But I’ll still be waiting for you, forever
Izzy Mar 2021
When I’m around you,
Your light is like a shining rose
Magical and beautiful
And for a second, I feel undefeated, enlightened and free
But as I drift back to reality
I realize I’m still in the dark
Sitting in tears with only my shadow as comfort
But even then, I’m alone
Fighting, struggling though pain
Yes, I have a lamp
But the light bulbs out
And for some reason, I can’t replace it
So, I’m stuck
The dark is where I’m forced to stay
Izzy Mar 2021
I just can’t find the words anymore
I try to write, describe, say how I feel
But I can’t, I just can’t
It’s like I’m in a river, trying to swim against a strong current
No matter how hard I try, I can’t
My feelings are now indescribable
I remember the days when writing meant everything to me
Writing my feelings, hidden between the lines of words, poems, stories
It was the feeling of freeness, letting go
And now, I can’t anymore, no matter how bad I want to
My words get stuck, tangled and torn
And all that comes out is a jumbled mess of meaningless thoughts
And so once again, I feel defeated and withdrawn
And I resort to the only other thing I have,
But even drawing is limited
And so when I’ve recalled my limit
It’s like I’m totally stuck
And, to make it worse
I’m claustrophobic
Izzy Mar 2021
She stands beneath the grey clouds in the pouring rain,
Thunder raging and roaring
She screams because she’s lost hope
She’s lost control, lost power
She’s broken, lost, and afraid
She is alone in an undefeatable storm
No one will ever save her
Not even herself
And so, with every last tear and every last howl
She screams for what once was
For what once existed, what she once had
She screamed for everything she’d lost
And everything she’d once dreamed
Because now she’s lost hope
At least, she thought she did
But maybe her will to scream means something more, something better
She still has enough strength to scream, to cry, to hate
And maybe that strength means somewhere, deep down inside, she has hope
Just a little hope
Just enough hope
And enough may just be all she needs
It may be everything she needs
To defeat the undefeated
To smile one last time
To breathe with triumph

— The End —