Izzy 5d
I am such a failure I can't even write a poem.

I can't string my simple thoughts into coherent sentences



Izzy 5d
Maybe I'll find
                          my answers
                                                  at the bottom
                                                                           of this bottle
Izzy Jan 5
My poems are garbled thoughts moulded into a predictable structure

                                                          ­     what

does that mean my writing is worthy of praise?
Izzy Dec 2018
It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year
but all that happiness pushes me deeper into the abyss of self-loathing
Izzy Dec 2018
I post these poems for validation.
Likes and comments fuel my self worth
How pitiful that I'm exploiting my emotions
Just for a single like
Izzy Dec 2018
I’m creatively uninspired
and I’m socially deprived
I barely exist beyond my thoughts
and if I don’t exist within society
It is as if I’m already dead
Izzy Dec 2018
Hollow abysses of anguish, lie deep within a poets eyes

Creativity is a result of torment
Poetry is beauty written by the miserable
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