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Lizzy K Aug 2019
i have been kicked so far down
all i ache for is approval
im watching from the outside now
i am not a human being in this house
im an object we cannot choose to place
ive accepted im at the low
so now i just keep going in hope
little irrelevant poem
Lizzy K Feb 2019
Today I read my life from a year ago
this blew my mind
i went from being utterly miserable
to the happiest I have ever been  
I just want to tell year ago me
stop feeling like a dead end
Lizzy K Sep 2018
the most frustrating thing is going to a therapist
you may wonder why
well you try have someone name your pain wrong
I just need pills
because that will fix the chemicals
but it will not fix that worthless piece of flesh you are

but what do I know its their job right
**** I am just mad
Lizzy K May 2018
I am growing more and more numb towards consequence
maybe if I get in trouble id feel something
Are the people around me just getting sick or bored of me
Or am I just becoming more and more anti social
To be up front I think both
I want to fall in love
because in the movies that is the cure
to all of this personal disaster
the big kiss saves the girl from death
she becomes happy forever
that is why its called hapily ever after huh
but this numb feeling makes me feel like the princess that just died before the prince could even come.
Lizzy K Apr 2018
I feel as if I am on a Ferris wheel
constantly up and down
wishing I could get off but all the things
I do put me right back where I am
Lizzy K Mar 2018
As I was  growing up I would have these moments
the eyes of the hurricane if you will
when after coming home crying about how the mean girls called me ugly
my dad would play music and drive
and i just remember that peace  
and the withdrawal from this peace
is like being stabbed in the chest
Lizzy K Mar 2018
I am silly because I constantly try to control my feelings
I force smiles and laughs
as I listen to sad music so I can
"push out the sadness"
when really you cannot control this circle
I want to cry at party's and social gatherings
and laugh at myself with one single person
Or maybe no one will relate to this short poem and
I am just insane
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