Today you forgot my name
I said it was ok
Deep inside I trembled at the thought
You forgetting thoughts
Cried when you went away
So you wouldn't know how it affected me
Some part of you is going
I know not how I can keep it from going
I love you
that will never change
I only ask that you give me one more day
Please, God, don't take her yet
Let her stay
I am not ready

Dementia and Alzheimer's are devastating and tragic. This is for the Alzheimers awareness month. Please, lets find a cure.

Keeper of the dream sanctuary
Remind me of things reality can't give me
Exit out those diamond eyes
shine like stars that gleam on my face
Safe within the clouds around my head
Sleeping on a feather bed of lies
When I wake up I am afraid
I dealt the devils cards today
Sleep is the only escape
Carry me away
In the cloud's I play
I would pass the time away
Give me more of the dreams when I wake
Turn around eyes open don't stop dreaming
in the day

You walked in the door and I knew
You smiled and I fell to the floor
My head started to spin
I knew I fell for it again
His charm had me shaking
I felt as if he talked like a poet in the making
I just want to dance he held his hand out
I just want to drive you home he said
Left me wanting more
He walked me to the door
He kissed me once more
His embrace felt like I was adored

I knew I was in trouble

Euphoric light
Happiness guiding divine

Glow and funnel it
Catch the spirit of it

Luminescent energy
it radiates to me

Positive Light
Catching flight

Subatomic motions
Brighten the soul notions

Vanquish Negativity
Cords that were attached to me

Feel the Electroluminescence
it has presence

Be the light people need to see
Gather up and decide to be

Stand up as one
a unity

LizzywhothefunkC Nov 2016

Ripped my heart out
take it

a wasted time and feeling for
bleeding on the floor
No one wants it anymore

I am in dismay
I am another scar you adore
No I won't be your little whore
Something to abuse
and use
NO not any more

Frighten me
those fangs stained red
You want to make me bleed instead
you thought I would let you in
Instead I show you what I am made of
I stand firm

wiped the tears away
Don't show them it
it will be okay

I have fangs of my own
Not afraid of the devils face
I will jump and chase
Get out of my way
Fear is not welcome here today

The demons fear love
Hate it and want to separate it
Recoil in the thought of it
Faith the greatest weapon

I am a beast of belief
I never question

Fade out you wicked feeling
Your not welcome here anymore
Don't come again
Fear will not darken my door

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