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Juniper Deel
Words are the thoughts I can not speak. If I don't write I will explode.
18/M    Musically philosophical
Juniper Montgomery
I'm a fiery, insightful, esoteric, lively little creature and my thoughts are both jumbled and wise. I'm much more intelligent than you think I am, ...


Kevin Dawe Mar 2019
listen closely
you miss this amongst the company of others
the smell of juniper
(almost like bark)
that beloved word
so close to Jupiter
her rings an engagement to us all
(for our world)
benevolence // protection
(or a curse?)
could've been stellar dust
instead paramecium
instead here we are
drinking fizz & juniper
till we forfeit our favour
(insatiable fervour)
with the fates, and Jupiter
juniper, juniper
'tis such, 'tis such
for now, it's enough.
Shin  Feb 2014
Twig of Juniper
Shin Feb 2014
A little bit of greed had crossed my mind,
when I saw brother, pale with that lush fruit.
Like a ghost he sat, yet my envy grew.

I rushed down the hall to my dear mother
and in a single breath I told my tale,
Oh dear brother, why did I heed her word?

Your head rolled, and beside it went my mind.
Mom's wolfish grin claimed you for supper,
but you deserved more than Midas could give.

I took your remains, and wrapped them in silk.
You rested by the woman with no name.
As a bird sang on that juniper tree.

That night we ate my brother's memory,
father with sorrow on his furrowed brow,
and mother whose mask was merely a mirror.

That little songbird came down from heaven,
and mother's mask started gaining some cracks,
as the bird sang on that juniper tree.

With a final song, my mother was gone,
and on her gravestone, my dear brother stood.
it was a miracle, our love was warm.
Our hearts embraced by that juniper tree.
Joe Halliday Feb 2012
There are two unfinished gins
By our bedside
The night took us
And made us forget

I reach out to quench thirst
In the morning
The juniper taste of regret

I watch you while you're sleeping
I listen to you breathe
You'll wake up and leave soon
Then it's back to the distillery

There's just one unfinished
By my bedside
The night's over
You fell through the net

I reach out to quench thirst
In the morning
The juniper taste of regret