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You & I,
are a lullaby

We're the deafening *silence

just after the crash
we are moments of happiness
that never last

We're a riddle
that has no answer
we are both the cure
and the cancer

We've read this book
a thousand times, and in our hearts
we both know this fairytale
can never have a happy ending
I wish it did.....
  Oct 2014 Juniper Deel
A piece of you
Reflecting back
The bitter words in your mouth
Too raw to speak
A poet is
Someone in pain
And someone in love
Someone who looks at the world
Through a kaleidoscope
Who takes a magnifying glass to each
And every
Word you say
And lets them imprint on their heart
A poet is
A star gazer
A dreamer
A chaser of
The improbable
But hopes anyway
A poet is
Tissue paper skin
A heart of glass
And a soul of titanium

A poet is
A sharp tongue
And a gentle kiss
She is a sob
He is a sigh
A poet is
The sun at midnight
Bright and
But cloaked in a darkness
They cannot shake
The brightest day
And the darkest night
A poet is
The human experience
A paradox
An oxymoron
So complicatedly

A poet is
A lover
Who refuses
To stop wearing their heart on their sleeve
No matter how much it bleeds
But rolls them up
So you can’t see
The blood stains

A poet
Is Poetry
Juniper Deel Aug 2014
Love is like the fear in hope,
When men gain too much pride.
Although it seems to ever fade,
Love will never die.

And while the world is staved of faith,
And evil will be ever great,
Love can change and save the world,
And love will never die.

Peace on earth has never been,
But it will come with strong-willed men,
Charging through with open arms,
Love will come again.

We do what's right,
And fight to see the light.
It beckons, shining through a tiny hole. For as we get stronger...
So does the burning coal.

And as we know in our hearts
That love will come again,
We raise up flaming souls

Undefeatable within.
Juniper Deel Aug 2014
A good writer
doesn't need to curse
in order to express emotions
or make a point.
Things like "I'm so ******* depressed" is NOT true poetry
  Aug 2014 Juniper Deel
I cannot write
I cannot find
behind the creases
of my mind
the words to fill
another line,
those words wait
out of sight
for now I
cannot write.
** hum
Juniper Deel Jul 2014
Tonight I'm going to be me, and I'm going to be strong. Not the indecisive or confused teenager I usually am.
I will know what I want, and do everything with spirit and fire. I am proud of myself and who I am.
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