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Paul Hardwick Nov 2013
Today the germs came around
now do not get me wrong
I love my grand children
but today the germs came around
there snivelling noses
and coughs
just dose not help us old people
when the germs come over for tea
just know I will catch something see
I love you really.
Nefelibata  Sep 2014
Mental Germs
Nefelibata Sep 2014
I'm running away until it catches me
The mental germs of denial that I needed to face
A memory that I can't hold onto anymore
My trash is full tonight and yet I threw nothing
The smell of germs reminds me of sorrow
I left to feel a muscle on my face smiling
I left and I never shed a tear
But tonight I'm letting it fade
A time-lapse of each beat I felt
I feel it again and then its gone forever
I know I know that I'm turning into someone new
I know that I fear myself when Im alone
But now Im laying down remembering it all for it to be gone
Farewell the toxic fairytale
We shall never meet again
Äŧül Aug 2016
Long gone are the days of ******,
No more people say, "Alle Rufen ******".

Germany is now aseptic and really safe,
Na'zi germs are no longer there.
I have long cherished a dream to settle in Germany, the land of my paternal ancestors over 50 generations ago.

My HP Poem #1111
©Atul Kaushal