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Henrie Diosa Feb 17
Why couldn’t you just shine, and never flicker?
Why couldn’t you forget me, like the rest?
Just let me be your ****-up of a sister,
The failure that you pushed out of the nest.

You could have lived the life that you predicted:
A house, a yard, a minivan, a kid!
And I could hike the continent, contented
With what I’ve done, not caring what you did.

Whose fault was it? Which ******* here was driving
When all your glittering plans went up in ash?
How dare you break beyond hope of surviving;
How dare you die, Jane Perkins, in that crash!

How dare your number call me with no warning
That some guy’s voice would sob with tragic news?
How dare you write no checklist for this mourning,
This endless task that I can never snooze?

How do I shape a life outside your shadow?
How do I cut a path you never tread?
Why can’t I run away to Colorado,
What ties me down to Hatchetfield instead?

Of course I’m left to finish what you started;
This cruelty is all so very you —
You, accomplished, finished, done, departed —!
You’ve left me all the things I cannot do.
written in the character of Emma Perkins from The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals
Henrie Diosa Sep 2021
she steps between the boards onstage;
she knows which ones will creak.
the days repeat, the setting stays:
she knows it’s her we seek.

although the curtain’s long been dropped,
she will not end the show;
for we will find her when she stops;
it’s her we seek, she knows.

emma, emma, you have lost;
i’m sorry, but it’s true.
so listen to the man you trust
and let him come to you.
emma, you will come to us,
no matter what you do.

our meteor glows a starry blue,
our spores dance in the air,
our audience cheers (they cheer for you!)
she screams, but no-one’s there.

and when we meet, when we embrace,
(a scene learned from her dreams)
she looks for him inside our face
but no-one’s there. she screams.

emma, emma, you have lost
your way, but we are here.
and as we made the man you trust
into the man you fear,
emma, you have come to us,
and we will make you hear.

she struggles as we hold her down;
she still rejects our peace,
but as she hears our hallowed sound,
she weeps at her release.

our blueness heals her broken bone
that rigor mortis keeps,
and one with all, and all alone,
at her release, she weeps.

emma, emma, you have lost
so much, but we have gained
the music of the man you trust,
the music of your pain.
emma, you have come to us
to join in our refrain;
emma, you have come to us
to sing in our domain.
originally written for the #Hecks100 prompt by @hecks_prince on instagram. the prompt was "you can't hide forever, emma... come out, come out, wherever you are..."
The way Sherrezade looks at Ja'far,
The way she smiles when she talks about him
-Though only an act-
Is one of knowing.
It's a look that says,
That insist,
She knows something.
Something you don't.
But it's also reassuring
As if to say it will be okay
That you'll be enlightened soon

And Ja'far
He is almost naive
He thinks he can save the kingdom
And while he does...
It's just one of those things.
He has a great heart
He truly wants happiness for all

And lastly
The phrase
"You are kind and that's enough"
Is really a simple statement
But it makes sense
And it's something people should hear more as children

Maybe then they'd stay that way..
This is really only a look and feed back on the play Twisted: Story of a Royal Vizier by Starkid.
Ciara Hennessy Aug 2014
Understand that you are so much more
Than all you can think, than all you could explore
You're more than those doubts, more than your fears
More than the blemishes that scream in your eyes
I can promise you this,
We see so much more
We see your beauty, we see your promise
The light in your eyes behind the darkness
We know your future, we don't doubt it
You can be anything, we won't stop it!
Be a Starship Ranger or a Warbler!
Stay the person you intrinsically are
And to us you'll always be a star.

— The End —