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Tim Eichhorn
Cleveland, Ohio    I am the king of ice cream
AnnMarie Eichhorn
33/Two-Spirit/Chicago, IL    :: It's Where My Demons Hide ::


the wanting
the hunger
the pain
is it just
there’s more to it
than that
i must admit
at this bipolar moment
my love
is the moon
her melody
sweet ringing
i long for her
to be mine
i understand
what the sun means
when he says
he misses her
because they were
meant to be
and yet
at the same time
never meant to be

written by Annmarie Rose Agnes Eichhorn
Originally titled 'Wulf.'  Dedicated to all the lovers out there!
I want to know
Did you see
The same sun I saw?

On both crisp
And humid morns
Were you up

All night, envisioning
With me
The last breath being taken?

I went to the trees
That morning
And was told
Secrets about that day.

In the bark,
I felt the heat
Of all that was
To come.

Barefoot and lost
I strolled
Waiting for the dawning;

An answer to my everlasting prayers.
In the glimmer, I felt you.
You were there.

Under my feet, the grass wept.
Is it you crying?
The sun winked at me today.
Did you shut your eyes?

I felt the sea rage and foam.
The time is now,
We are set free to roam.

When you shall return to me,
Give me a sign
Of your homecoming.

That night,
The gusts blew and blew.
It was then,
In the abyss of my heart,
I knew.

-Annmarie Eichhorn