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2.7k · May 2013
Scot Powers May 2013
I can't stay here tonight
gotta keep runnin'
but there's nowhere to hide
keep gettin' dragged under
urges build deep inside
control is the problem

Wasted all my yesterdays
fortunes lost never regained
took a while for me to see
Sobriety, brought victory

I can't stay here tonight
temptations weaken me
when we unite
the demons take over
lose track of time
nothing else matters

Wasted all my yesterdays
fortunes lost never regained
took awhile for me to see
sobriety brought victory

Well I stayed here tonight
took on all comers
stood tall for the fight
attacked from all corners
beat back the night
standing tall on my own now

Wasted all my yesterdays
fortunes lost never regained
took awhile for me to see
sobriety brought victory
I wrote this a few years back while reflecting upon the lost years to my addiction and recovery from crack *******. that is the sobriety, I speak of..
2.6k · Jun 2013
Scot Powers Jun 2013
Blueberry you sit
heavy on my mind
met you at a party
of a friend of mine

So free a soul
I've scarcely met
with your multi- colored dreadlocks
and presence so fresh

Colorful outfit
like I've never seen
flowing so graceful
as you wander near me

Rainbow scarf
of fabric so fine
green khaki jacket
and a gleam in your eye

You struck me at once
unlike many before
as someone who knows
the trips gift for the soul

The freedom you showed
was clear to see
the joy in your eyes
as you prodded playfully

My soul it did sing
with joy this day
at seeing you Blueberry
lighting the way
1.3k · Feb 2013
One Last Time
Scot Powers Feb 2013
One last time
for old times sake
seems to me to be
the most common
and costly mistake
there has ever been
like one more for the road
it has slipped into the past
a common misconception
I hope it's not your last.

Do you ever wonder
just why we have these sayings?
a decent dose of common sense
will get you through the days
don't rely on witchcraft
or a mystic's read on leaves
just depend upon yourself
and your self preserving ways
for if you listen
to your gut
because it never lies
an unknown intuition
lies just behind your eyes

Just like a hog in mud
or black birds on the line
our very purpose here
really is divine
so throw your hands
up to the sky
and thank the universe
for all the blessing's in your life
it really could be worse
1.2k · Apr 2013
Long Goodbyes
Scot Powers Apr 2013
Standing, on the other side of lonely
looking in
waiting,like a becalmed sailor
for the wind
looking , for a reason not to shed
another tear
feeling like a paper doll tossed
by the wind

But those long goodbyes
are taking up our time
bring forth all your tears
those long goodbyes
strain our two lives
desperately , clutching the years

Talking,to help myself remember
who I am
Journeys a thousand miles out and back
I've been
discovering, what a loss and what a fool
I've been
hoping, for redemption and another
invite in

But those long goodbyes
keep taking up our time
bring forth all your tears               x2
those long goodbyes
straining our lives
desperately, clutching the years        

Seeing, you standing in my doorway
once again
knowing, that this is exactly where
you should have been
touching, softly kissing the one that
I've missed
loving,for forever it's always
where we've been

But those long goodbyes
keep taking up our time
bring forth all your tears
those long goodbyes
straining our lives
desperately clutching the years      X2
a new one for the upcoming album.
1.2k · Feb 2013
Scot Powers Feb 2013
If I think back to the time
that I am fond of most
I think it would have to be
drifting in the boat
peacefulness was abundant
on that summer day
floating about aimlessly
playing funny games

Looking to the sky I seen
a hole right through th clouds
so I fantasized that it was
a time warp here and now
I wondered if I'd get ****** in
if I went below
but all that came through it was
a lovely rainbow

It came down to the surface
and from there it did grow
So I thought that maybe this mirage
wouldn't go
but it faded quickly
into the growing mist
there I saw a dragon
its tail slowly flicked
as it let a deep roar
from its parted lips

I daresay I was mezmerized
by this very sight
this is why to this day
I shudder with the fright
of seeing something so unique
it cannot be explained
I can only chalk it up
to the games the mind can play
1.1k · Dec 2013
Paradise lost
Scot Powers Dec 2013
The professor was mad
it was clear to us all
fantastic ideas
right off the wall
seeing the world
through his crooked way
gave all of us students
laughter for days

We reported for class
on the 15th of May
I must now confess
a memorable day
his topic that day
was a paradise lost
deep in the jungles
he'd go at all cost's

An expedition he'd mount
would I like to go ?
adventure soon seemed
to grip my soul
I talked with my parents
I talked with my girl
they all encouraged
this voyage from home

We gathered supplies
that we thought we'd need
but not knowing for sure
a gamble indeed
we then secured passage
on a ***** steamer
destined for the island
where the valley lay hidden

The day soon arrived
when we bid goodbye
to friends and our family
my girl she cried
she begged me be safe
and stay far from harm
I turned to leave
and she grabbed my arm

The look in her eyes
I'll never forget
searching and longing
full of regret
I may never return
or if I can
I may not remain
the very same man

I gently reassured her
we will be safe
upon our arrival
we will celebrate
The professor will lecture
to very large crowds
we will get married
and then settle down

Two weeks at sea
torture to me
rolling and bobbing
like a cork in the sea
the professor would not
let this deter him
stolidly he put on
a very brave grin

Over the horizon
the island took form
soon we were being
rowed into shore
the coxswain advised
they'd be back at slack tide
we'd better be there
or they'd leave us behind

We gathered our goods
right there on the beach
took a read of our bearings
and set on our way
we climbed through the mist
that clung to the hills
marveling at all
the sights and the smells

Finally we reached
the valley we sought
the professor's composure
was completely lost
he laughed and he jumped
screaming "I was Right!"
I fell to my knees
after my very first sight

Paradise was before us
I could scarcely believe
we sat and drew sketches
and took photographs
wrote in our journals
observations we made
The professor was planning
a brilliant display

We descended into
the valley beneath
and then set up camp
to stay for the eve
we talked of our discovery
and of impending fame
the magic was broken
as if all at once
a terrifying roar
emerged from the brush

The Lizard it lunged
staring straight at me
the professor let out
an ear piercing shriek
another had grabbed
him from behind
he struck it with a stick
picked up from the ground

We ran for our lives
and left everything
scrambling back
out of the valley
lucky we were
lucky indeed
over the crest
we ran for the beach

We would be early
where could we hide
staying out there
would be suicide
the lizards were coming
out of the hills
tounges sniffing the air
searching for us
intent on the ****

We climbed up an out crop
just out of reach
and hoped that our perch
would really be safe
we stayed there for hours
until the next day
when a flare did signal
help on the way

Back on the steamer
we would then relate
our strange experience
narrowly escaped fate
we thanked the captain
for his returning
to that strange island
a little early

We arrived back at home
there was much hurrah
family and friends
and a very warm bed
my girl then asked me
just what we saw
I related the story
as she stared in awe

The professor retained
a place where to teach
to my girl I was married
we moved by the beach
often at night
we look out to sea
paradise lost
we'll never again seek
1.1k · Jul 2013
A Penny for your thoughts
Scot Powers Jul 2013
"A penny for your thoughts"
she said, with a sultry smile
looking at me sideways
as we passed away the miles

The journey that had brought us here
was really quite a ride
ups and downs and storms endured
but promised so much life

I must confess my mind was blank
but stuttered out a reply
I can't remember what I said
but she smiled and stroked my thigh

We continued on our present path
moving through the night
the morning sun looked down on us
as darkness turned to light

the mountain air was bracing
refreshing feeling so divine
descending through the mountain pass
we searched each others eyes

"A penny for your thoughts" you asked
well this is what I say
I can't believe the luck I've had
since our wedding day.
1.1k · Feb 2013
I'll Wait For You
Scot Powers Feb 2013
Everything now turns to grey
sunshine disappears
to be replaced by your fears
I have listened to what you say
drifting lines divide
prejudice from pride

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you
till your dreams come true

Darkness now turns to day
light streaming through your eyes
shadows  start to die
now you must watch just what you say
words create your reality
open opportunity

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you
till your dreams come true

Now we've seen another way
time to get in your head
time to move ahead
watching you sit there everyday
wallow in your ****
die a little bit.

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you...

I  can't wait another day
standing tall
a fortress in my mind
ties that cannot bind
I can't wait to see today
what situation will arise
tears from your eyes

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you
till your dreams come true.
1.1k · Feb 2013
Red Waves
Scot Powers Feb 2013
Wind torn sails
and old wives tales
both tell a certain truth
like sailors forlorn
'round the cape horn
drowned or frozen to death

The waves and the wind
punish for sins
that frequently go untold
dare to begin that voyage to win
bring in the most liquid gold

Whaling was the name
of this sailors game
learned from my pappy before
when the tall ships call
you'll answer for all
the misgivings that you ever did

Swabbing the decks
like a beer hall *****
sickly from waves and decay
this is the life
for months at a time
from New England
to the ports of Biscay

First sign of a blow
shouts to below
from where the watch sits above
The decks come alive
thar be the prize
the deadly game awaits

Set sails to the wind
and get that boat in
harpoons and crew await
haul on the ropes
or abandon all hopes
the behemoth  will get away

Hearts pound like the oars
sending us forth
Oh, how our quarry evades
better keep your eyes peeled
or your fate is sealed
if she comes up underneath

With a mighty hurrah
the striker lets fly
the harpoon sinks deep in the whale
it plunges below
taking us under tow
blood staining the deep blue waves

I cry for this sin
as we haul the whale in
and cut up all it had been
trade a shilling in the purse
for a life long curse
never to sleep again

When I shut my eyes
I can still hear the cry
up from it's blowhole it came
shivers my spine,every time
I bolt upright wide awake
1.1k · Dec 2013
Scot Powers Dec 2013
Moonlight danced upon me
lighting my darkened path
searching ever seeking
a partner for this dance
will you come and take a chance
a twirl in the night
while laughing close together
searching each others eyes

Moonlight danced upon us
as we twirled to and fro
laughing and rejoicing
making patterns in the snow
living for the moment
breathe each and every breath
sharing moments together
along this winding path
1.1k · Jul 2013
Bye Bye Crocodile
Scot Powers Jul 2013
I've read the words
left unwritten
between the lines
bye bye crocodile

You touched so many
with your words
and your smile
bye bye crocodile

You've seen so much more
than many in this life
bye bye crocodile

Born of two minds
balance is the key
reading your thoughts
but never feeling your pain

Felt the emotions
as days turned to nights
victories no matter the size
still extract a price

Wish I'd had the chance
to spend a little time
sometimes there's more in life
than meets the eye

I hope you've found the peace
you needed in your life
I'll be missing your words
while writing this I cry

bye bye crocodile
In memory of Julia Teasdale A.k.a Masakani Crocodile, you are and will be is a link to a live performance..
1.1k · Apr 2016
Moving on
Scot Powers Apr 2016
Drifting through those foggy years
wading through the pain and tears
sorting out the right from wrong
Letting go and moving on

Standing taller than before
understanding lies were told
Living in your sordid past
Innocence fell hard and fast

Moving forward forgiving all
hoping your not feeling small
for acting out on misplaced trust
betrayal.. cloaked by  lust

Here today I set you free
all the anger holding me
the weight that held me down
Shed that skin upon the ground

Tomorrow I will look at thee
as someone whom I miss dearly
but today your actions set the course
for the path that you have chose
1.0k · Jul 2013
If I Could Be So Bold
Scot Powers Jul 2013
If I could be so bold
the times I've spent with you
have brought me joy beyond compare
opened up my heart to you
we laugh and sigh, share good times
and sorrows like good friends
yet still when I look in your eyes
I can see heavens gift
your aura glows and reaches out
to comfort other souls
I was drawn to your light
like a wandering soul

If I could be so bold
the things I'd say to you
looking deep in your eyes
wrapping my arms around you
to take you gently by the hand
and lead you to my bed
then we'd be together
gently moving, locked in bliss
releasing waves of pleasure
we never knew could exist
showering you with kisses
the sweet taste of your lips
ecstatic emotions blossoming
fireworks behind our eyes
the room begins to spin about
while we're quivering inside

If I could be so bold
the things I would tell you
how special you have made me feel
when I am with you
it's easy for me to see now
some things aren't meant to be
so I cherish all the moments spent
as fleeting as they may be
time was spent in many places
learning to be free
of all the problems life presents
and challenges we perceive

If I could be so bold
one thing that I'd tell you
slowly day by day it seems
I've fallen in love with you
1.0k · Dec 2015
Hearing from an old friend
Scot Powers Dec 2015
Hearing from a old friend
is always such a thrill
bringing forth the memories
of times that were so clear
to share lifes experience
with one whom lives so far
the distance doesent matter
just the closeness of the hearts
like best friends sitting on the porch
calling out the stars
yet often more like ships
passing in the fog
we carry on our lives journeys
but always checking in
to share a bit of wisdom
and a happy grin
1.0k · Jan 2013
Faded away
Scot Powers Jan 2013
Standing on the street corner
I watch the world go by
and I start to wonder
everybody's busy
no time to take a rest
it's no wonder
I still see you riding on that pony
looking for all the world
like your in your glory

now you've faded away
like a gin soaked rodeo clown
faded away
like a painting on the ground
your the only one,
I'll never miss

I still see you riding high
in the back of my old chevy
learned a lot about life in that car
man it was heavy
I still see your blonde hair shining in the moonlight
blonde has turned to grey
as though your in your twilight

now you've faded away
like a gin soaked rodeo clown
faded away
like a painting on the ground
your the only one
I'll never miss

Time has gone by
and now i sit on the porch
with my daughter
talk about life and what it means to each other
I still see you riding that **** pony
time has gone by and I realize your so phoney

now your faded away
like a gin soaked rodeo clown
faded away like a painting on the ground
your the only one
I'll never miss
1.0k · Mar 2013
Scot Powers Mar 2013
Floating free
of worldly care
left my body
back  there
1.0k · Jun 2013
The Bond
Scot Powers Jun 2013
The bandy legged monkey
doth delight in all that he
experiences and witnesses
in this life's journey

He and his best friend
the ***** grinding man
dressed up in their finery
traveling about the land

Dancing with hat in hand
for a modest fee
the children always come around
smiling with glee

As the music crescendo's
at a rising pace
he swings around the market square
smile frozen on his face

Whirling, twirling, swinging
yet keeping out of reach
stretching, holding out his hat
collecting his *****

When at last the crowd thins out
it's time to take a break
move off to another square
fresh for the take

Living off each other
in this symbiotic chase
works well for each other
food is served each day

The bond that has formed
over the years it seems
has transformed to friendship
neither is lonely

The Bandy legged monkey
and the ***** grinder man
partners on a journey
into the promised land.
989 · May 2013
The Piper
Scot Powers May 2013
Today I have to wonder
about people once again
some live to cause trouble
while others live to win

why is what your neighbor does
any business of your own
unless it interferes
with property that you own

I find life is hard enough
without the extra strife
of having people accusing you
wasting a lot of time

vindictive little weasels
surely you will pay
for all the trouble that you cause
Karma works that way.

we've been at the bottom
of  that barrel
of which you speak
only to rise above
expectations we exceed

then all the thanks
the world gives to you
can easily be summed up
but really seeing the picture
is hard when your hung up

bent on the destruction
of characters that you don't know
just to feed some jealous need
like a hog stuck at the trough

those whom you hold close
will soon turn on you
it's just the nature of the game
the piper calls the tune

So even in my anger
I still feel sorry for you
for having to be such a ****
afraid of  name being known
987 · Dec 2013
The Tent
Scot Powers Dec 2013
"Beware  ye that enter!"
" a word to the wise"
shouted out the pitcher
while pointing inside
There before me sat a tent
arrows pointing out the way
while the surging wave of people
forced me on my way

The sign it read Beware
in letters  big and bold
what you will see in here
will make your blood run cold
grisly noises and some screams
emerged from the tent's fold

Closer I was pushed
to the awnings door
among the throngs of people
to my uncles leg I clung
the feeling I had was tense
unsure of what to do
the yawning mouth engulfed us
my eyes dare not leave the floor

A Man Eating Chicken
was what the sign proclaimed
pictured in my young mind
a horrific feast
but what sat there before us
shocked me into dismay
a gluttonous man in checkered shirt
greedily filling his face

On the table before him
sat the poor carcass
ripped apart with savagery
a bird once so robust
the crowd let out a laugh
and the let out  a sigh
as we were ushered out
into the noonday sky
975 · Feb 2013
Scot Powers Feb 2013
I awoke with the feeling
I wasn't alone in there
from across the room
I could feel the icy stare
a black amorphous cloud
hovered in the air
I could feel the anger
as it moved around my bed

As black as black
could possibly be
a cold wind overcame
the summer nights heat
I asked it what it wanted
and whom it had been
it just stared right through me
bitter, cold and clean

"You will never get her back"
"She now belongs to me"
said the dark black cloud
looking right at me
as I comprehended
what it said to me
it waited for my eyes to grow
then it lunged at me

it pushed me in the bed so far
and cut off all my breath
it seemed to me for hours
I was paralyzed by dread
then it moved off me
and vanished in the night
I will never, ever forget
waking up that night.
962 · Sep 2013
The Journey
Scot Powers Sep 2013
"At last!" he cried
"You have arrived!"
"I thought you'd never come"
his smile belied the turmoil inside
deeper than  can be described

The journey began
with a half drunken plan
boasted and rejoiced
the fact that they said
we were out of our head
gave credence that indeed we were right

We stayed up for days
studying adventurous ways
to bend the physics of time
a place to begin and a place to win
Oh! destinations divine

We studied old tomes  
divined lizard bones
yet certainty did evade
we  struck out on our own
a cold dusty road
a bleak foreboding feeling

We were walking along
when the object crashed down
a short distance away
we scrambled to see
what could possibly be
lying there in the field

A machine of strange purpose
it turned out to be
but what we just could not say
the occupant  was tossed
and his life was lost
out on that cold barren plain

We looked in the hatch
of this very strange catch
surveying a very strange scene
and there on the wall
strangest of all
was a panel displaying this date

With a whoop and a roar
we toasted each other
it was just what we needed to find
a machine that could bend
space and time on their end
Yes, I was going to ride

I strapped myself in  
and started twisting the dials
not knowing what I was doing
it started to hum
I looked at my chum
my grin I was unable to hide

I reached for the dial
and gave it a swift turn
not caring the destined date
the vibration did rise
blurring my eye's
shaking my very senses

A flash and a bang
and at once it all came
to a lurching  halting stop
the vision out side
brought fear to my pride
quickly I switched back the date

Vibrations and dizzyness
I sensed once again
as through the veil I passed
to land me back here
white haired from the fear
of a future so distant  from here

I leapt from it
that infernal machine
and bade no one go near
it must be destroyed
oh how I cried
smashing it with my bare hands

You asked what I seen
in that futuristic  scene
that could blanch the life from my eyes
the horror revealed
would make a man squeal
a tear rolled down my cheek

A desolate plain
was all that remained
of a civilization that we had attained
but greed and deceit
routed us in defeat
destroying our very souls

I'll take a step back
and try a new tack
from this day going forth
to lead by example
and not be trampled
standing for what is right.
947 · May 2013
In from the cold
Scot Powers May 2013
Journeyed  from
a far off land
through the forest
across the sand
like a restless beast
never at peace
wandered for years
laughter and tears

A family of wanderers
have traveled the path
acrobats and see'ers
jugglers and rats
all move together
for it would seem
safety in numbers
they're often seen

Raven haired beauties
with large almond eyes
pry coins from the menfolk
tell them sweet lies
they stay for awhile
then they move on
when their welcome
is truly gone

for hundreds of years
the travelers have wandered
despite all our fears
the gypsies have lived
like we wish we all could
living and laughing
loving as they should

don't be so hard
on those you don't know
could be a friend
let you in from the cold.
918 · Feb 2013
Your Desire
Scot Powers Feb 2013
Crescent moon
over Gothic spire
tell me what
does this inspire?
dark creatures
lurking there
or romantic walks
in the cool night air

Illusion often
takes control
of our hearts
of our soul
leaves you gasping
full of fright
or softly kissing
sweet goodnight

the choice is yours
if you chose to stay
all your dreams
will fade away
if you challenge
your status quo
you will receive
your just reward

For standing still
takes away
your soul's desire
to light the way
crescent moon
over Gothic spires
tell me what
is your desire?
909 · Jan 2013
Roll of the dice
Scot Powers Jan 2013
Last time I saw you
we were walking pleasantly
down by the stream
hunting for treasure
finding pleasure
your laughter stays with me
with each discovery
your smile it grew from cheek to cheek
those rusty railway spikes
and bottle caps are priceless now to me

One day at a time
It's an uphill climb
only a fool pays the price
with a roll of the dice

Ten years have come and gone
since your last heroic deed
you can't believe the gaping hole
it tore in the family
your mother cries at night
your brother and sisters silent agony
you've never gone , your always here
forever in me.

One day at a time
its an uphill climb                    x2
only a fool pays the price
with a roll of the dice
897 · Mar 2015
Serfin USA
Scot Powers Mar 2015
As I struggle for control
the voices  start to grab a hold
daily forcing me to be
something that I just can't be

a violent act, compassionless
left  dying on the street
lying in a pool of blood
ripe for news TV

talking heads relay the tale
ramp up fear  increasing sales
all the while those at the top
pray to god, that it won't stop

For profits are  the result
of their plan to wipe us out
weaken the middle everyday
till only serfs remain to pay.
892 · Mar 2014
One way ticket
Scot Powers Mar 2014
Fool them all each day it seems
double life bursting at the seams
straddle the line life or death
keep it going never going to rest

feels so good when your on the edge
climbing higher
never enough I said
all the lies that you've told before
don't matter when your cold on the floor

You bought a one way ticket
a one way ticket
you bought  a one way ticket

meet the dealer out back again
stained reality always there
you can taste it feel it in your gut
euphoric rush fills your soul with rot

Feels so good when your on the edge
climbing higher never enough I said
all the lies that you've told before
don't matter when your cold on the floor

you bought a one way ticket
a one way ticket
you bought a one way ticket down
879 · Feb 2013
Scot Powers Feb 2013
My memories have been hijacked
by a persons jealousy
insecure people  just cannot see
they judge you by their morals
pressed down upon you
I must suppress my anger now
for cooler heads prevail

I thought I understood
just a little bit
but clearly as I see things
I am a little hurt
biting on my lip
pacing in my house
like an animal in a cage

It really is no wonder
my mind is in this shape
the gift of stone you gave me
gives me clarity
just one more moment
is all I really need
to tell you just how I feel
and what you've meant to me

You've drawn me out of my shell
again for all to see
my armour has been dented
but my heart is still clean
I will always think of you
in friendship I'm still keen
I've had the same discussions
about this very thing

but the conclusion that I came to
in turn set me free
free from reprisal
and all it's ***** deeds
for friendship with you
is the most important thing.
879 · Mar 2015
Viewers discretion advised
Scot Powers Mar 2015
The voice from the screen
a face that's never seen
advises you unknowingly
blurring the lines
one day at a time
until control is complete
866 · May 2013
The Race
Scot Powers May 2013
Whilst I was riding
early last eve
a peculiar thing happened
you'll scarcely believe
just to the left
out of the corner of my eye
I caught some motion
it was a surprise

the squirrel was fast
along the fence top did he
run along at breakneck speed
I chuckled to myself
but it did keep pace
it was clear to me
it wanted a race

A race it would be
man versus beast
defeat by the squirrel
was not to be
I could sense the challenge
in it's beady eyes
down the boulevard
we did fly

A man did approach
I veered to the left
he looked astonished
the squirrel just leapt
over the branch
that suddenly appeared
I took the advantage
and increased my speed

half a block to go
then the fence it would end
me and the squirrel
were neck and neck
racing for pride
who would be beat
we increased the pace
hearts setting the beat

then it happened,
a scrabble and a squeek
the squirrel had crashed
into a tree
the poor little guy
didn't see the branch
that had snaked across
his narrowing path

the end of the race
it happened to be
but defeat for the squirrel
brought no pride for me
I laughed to myself
and shook my head
and then I thanked God
for all he had sent.
864 · Jan 2013
Welcome to the party
Scot Powers Jan 2013
Welcome to the party
welcome to the show
this is for the tired beauties
promenading the watering hole
searching for another
stand in for the night
back in the darkest corners
where they lose their fight

And when the sun goes down
the feelings start to stir
another chance to redeem yourself
have you really found your cure
loneliness and desperation led you to this place
stuck in a world
where deceit is common place

Take a look in the mirror
tell me what do you see
are you proud of what looks back now
who you want it to be
wasted days and nights go by
soon turn to years
hopeful dreams and pleasantries
vanish into tears

Standing at the crossroads
of life uncertainly
past choices and decisions
stare back impassively
nothing comes easy in this life it seems
is all what appears to be
864 · Feb 2014
Every once in a while
Scot Powers Feb 2014
Sitting by the campfire
singing song's that we all know
past glories half remembered
yet still funny when they're told
reflections of the scenery
open the eyelids of my soul
I've found life is like this
it's how you handle the load

Every once in  a while
I get to thinking
what's became of you
Every once in a while
I start smiling
I remember you

I still see you smiling
standing together on the porch
dancing to that song about fishing
and what to do in the dark
precious times fondly remembered
sometime before the fall
to travel back there someday
how do you climb a sheer wall

Every once in a while
I get to thinking
what's be came of you
Every once in a while
I start smiling
when I remember you

What is in a lesson
a pearl of wisdom for us all
heartache comes to many times
stripped and bled for all
castle's built of day dreams
crumble and they fall
I've found life is like this
catch me if I fall

Every once in a while
I start to thinking
what became of you
Every once in a while
I start crying
as I remember you

Sitting round the campfire
my stories have been told
glowing embers bring warmth
give you comfort from the cold
I'll get in my car now
maybe head out for the coast
I've found life is like this
it's how you travel your road

Every once in a while
I start to thinking
what became of you
Every once in a while
I start smiling
as I remember you
856 · Jul 2013
To come and go
Scot Powers Jul 2013
Lofty expectations
often do give rise
to disappointed feelings
when things go awry

Friendships seem
to come and go
like the seasons
natural flow

Painfully aware
am I this day
of many things
I'd like to say

But I choose
to shower you
with blessings for
this open door

to come and go
without so much
as a note
or a thought

of whom we've
touched, and sought out
lessons learned
lessons taught

I see the world
in this new light
moving on
starting tonight

I'll be back
someday you'll see
it's never to late
to be set free
853 · Apr 2013
The Champ
Scot Powers Apr 2013
Soundly trounced
the beaten man
warily offered
his shaking hand
to the victor of the bout
from the start
there was no doubt

That he would fall
this day it seemed
a shame for all
who'd come to see
the champ reclaim
his title belt
one more time
we all felt

The Champ had won
so many times
you had to know
there'd be a time
when along would come
a newer face
knock him down
take his place

His fans belief, unwavering
his character,  unsavory
but that's what it takes
if your to be
the champion of
your childhood dreams

He taught the kids
and played the roll
took their papers
and signed them all
a champ and a star
he felt like a king
he reigned supreme
in the squared ring

But when he was
alone at home
all he sought
was to drown
all the sorrows
he'd been through
kicked and teased
like a fool

If the kids
could see him now
curled and lonely
in his shell
would they then
ask him why?
could he answer
and not cry?

Then came the day
of the title match
he knew within
it was his last
he'd make a show
for his fans
he'd even do their
favorite stance
the time had come
to pass on
the title of champ
his time was done

After the show
sitting all alone
thinking of all
that he had done
in walked a kid
and before him he stood
and  said
you are still The Champ
in my book
843 · Jun 2013
Happy Fathers Day
Scot Powers Jun 2013
Sitting here this morning
enjoying the suns rays
reflecting upon life again
what a great journey

through tragedy and victory
and all that's lain between
times and personalities
I've met along the way

there is a fraternity
to which many do belong
some are there willfully
but some just don't belong

every day we pay our dues
though the members seldom meet
taking on the challenge
seven days a week

through good times
and sad times too
the challenges we meet
always moving forward
never do we retreat

we give advice
and push the swings
listen to the cries
joyus moments we do live
in our children's eyes

we are there when life begins
though rarely do we sing
praises for the job we do
or the joy it brings

we pass on the knowledge
of how the world works
so the next generation
will not be off worse

we bring strength
we bring wisdom
at least we often try
to teach our children
how to play
and even how to ride

I would be remiss
if I didn't mention too
the mothers role in all of this
to them I  say Thank You

There are some Mothers
who are in this club as well
doing the job  that is ours
and doing it **** well

So my wish today is simple
for it is our day
reflect upon the job you've done
Happy Fathers Day.
For all my fellow members Who know the joys and trials of Fatherhood
you know who you are..
and what you mean..
817 · Aug 2013
The Festival
Scot Powers Aug 2013
The day was fast approaching
I could hardly wait
three days of sun and fun
were what was on my plate

They came from other countries
as well as from my own
gathering for what would be
an amazing show

Hero's from the 60's on their last hurrah
giants from the 70's were surely going to rock
then there was the newbies
thrown in like fresh meat
going to do their best to serve
a heavy musical treat

We packed the van and headed south
gathering friends along the way
hoping that the sun would shine
and stay that way for days

As we got closer to the entry gate
a thrill it went right through us
I remember  to this day
the excitement built incredibly
it seemed to come in waves
passing a spliff between us
peering through the haze

We entered the event site
and quickly set up camp
close to the gate
so we would not be missed

The late arrivals came at last
and then we did all toast
to our great fortunes
who would drink the most

The air was electric,
energy pouring from the crowd
the first band came to take the stage
a roar was let out

The crowd it  did move
as if it were one
giant breathing mass of flesh
in the blazing sun

We danced and sang till it was dark
the first night had begun
the music pounding out it's love
to the sinking sun

The heat it was oppressive
early the next morn
running behind the water truck
soaking away the sun

The next three days were a blur
but oh what a blast
The time made me appreciate
the love of the past

This happened back in '97
but to this very day
I wonder have I spent a better weekend
in  all my waking days.
811 · Jun 2013
The Job
Scot Powers Jun 2013
He cast's a long shadow
in the cool morning sun
striding with purpose
the job must be done

Out by the woodshed
quietly does he
make his presence known
by whistling softly

For many years now
he loved what he seen
the good and the bad
and all in between

Over the years
the joy's drained away
making this job seem
harder each day

***** long hours
spent oh silently
crouched in the shadow
of the old growth  trees

Waiting for a sign
surely there will be
another visitation
patience is the key

He prepares himself
so stolidly does he
for the visitors
he must receive

Scare them away
any way that he can
keep the homes safe
from raiders of the land

Invaders without conscience
intent on the feed
no malice intended
but will not concede

The problem arose
because of what we
thought was a kind thing
was not to be

Disrupting the law
that nature provides
giving courage to those
by feeding their kind

Soon there becomes
no other way
to deal with the problem
the beast must be slain

So wearily the man
slowly does raise
rifle to shoulder
then he does pray

Pray that his aim's true
quick it will be
no pain for the critter
whatever it may be

Woe be to him
now he sit's silently
crying so softly
alone in the trees
799 · Mar 2013
Scot Powers Mar 2013
Waking morning
clear my head
make me some bacon
brain must be fed

Here's to the hog
who gave me his all
a sacrifice for sure
a gift to us all

the aroma that wafts
through the air
hits all my senses
like a drug if I dare

Hog flesh and chicken embryos
a breakfast delight
just have to
start the day right
795 · Mar 2013
The Wind and the Trees
Scot Powers Mar 2013
Of all the old tales
and folklore alike
vampires , werewolves
and ghouls delight
the one which I fear
even to this day
the witch of the north
Windigo is it's name

The natives hold true
the stories they tell
of the forlorn ghoul
floating through the trees
howling out its warning
to those who will heed
to those who don't
their flesh it will eat

This was the tale told to me
by my good friend Yves
tramping around the northern woods
in the fall of'70
Yves was not a man
to scare easily
he laughed and scoffed
at tales of thing he could not see

My blood it did freeze
on that last October eve
when the wind began to howl
on all hallows eve
the sound seemed to come alive
whipping up the leaves
the only one who showed no fear
was my good friend Yves

We had come up north
to survey the scene
checking into stories
of people missing
the guides we brought
we thought were stout
turned out not to be
all but one,cried aloud
and ran into the trees

Young Gaston and Yves
surveyed the scene
howling wind and  screaming
then the wind died
and silence took hold
Oh how they talked so bold
they cursed at the trees
and taunted the leaves

Breaking the silence
was a keening wail
the fury of which
I still can hardly tell
the sound shook my bones
clear to my knees
it looked like it scared
even Gaston and Yves

I thought I saw
a fleeting mist
flowing through the trees
seeping, creeping
with a growl and a yell
the furies of hell
were unleashed around me
swirling about
a vortex of pain
I never seen
Gaston and Yves again

I searched for a sign
early next day
for what had become
of my friends you would say
all that I found
were bits of cloth
and some teeth
all that remained of
Gaston and Yves

Try as I might
the sight will not leave
my hair is now white
as you can plainly see
if you go to the north woods
you better beware
of the dangers and creatures
that do lurk there
793 · Oct 2013
Scot Powers Oct 2013
The rain slashed down
the razor back ridge
misty wind spiraled
a cool autumn kiss

The moon casts a pall
that's rarely seen
casting wild shadows
a creepy feeling

gingerly approach
a darkened archway
seeking the shelter
get out of the rain

you reach for the knocker
a gnarled hand made of brass
grasping it firmly
holding your breath

Before you can strike
slowly the door
opens on hinges
squealing from the chore

A cold wind rushes out
and goes straight through you
raising the hairs
from your head to your shoes

from the dark entrance
a cadaver like form
beacons you forward
toward you it floats

You turn to run
but now it's too late
the door behind you
closes firmly in place

A lump in your throat
as your heart leaves your chest
sweat stars to pour
in rivers of dread

around and around
they swirl about you
tangents and visions
reaching for you

down the hall
you do take flight
laughter behind you
increases your fright

you look to the left
you look to the right
for an escape
from this deadly plight

a stairwell appears
your choice must be right
or you will not emerge
from this house tonight

if upwards you go
trapped you will be
if downwards you go
surely to the beast

A window to the left
through it you crash
falling though air
surely to death

you jolt open your eyes
as you strike the ground
only to find
sheets and pillows around

back in your house
safe from the dream
of that darkened old mansion
at the top of your street
791 · Oct 2013
Jacobs Hollow
Scot Powers Oct 2013
Alone in the hollow
the mist settles in
hair begins arising
first pangs of fear

snap goes a twig
just to your left
keenly you listen
dare not a breath

you search for a reason
around and within
why your so startled
quaking within

you laugh off the feelings
putting them out of mind
and then you move forward
along a broken fence line

decrepit and abandoned
this lonely old road
through Jacobs hollow
slowly you go

a soft gurgling noise
penetrates the night
a sliver of moon
casts a grim light

never should have come
to yourself you do say
I should have waited
for the light of day

another twig snaps
this time to your right
looking all around
nothing in sight

you dart to the left
expecting the worse
when a fawn erupts
from the woods by the trail

you laugh to your self
what a fool you have been
shake yourself off
strike forth once again

the covered bridge lies
a short distance away
marking the point
half the distance
has been made

Oh just to be home
safe in your bed
but the legend of the hollow
just had to be dared

a cackling laugh
carried by the wind
opens your eyes
startles again

a light in the entrance
of the covered bridge
flickering slowly
making shadows dance

you catch a slight movement
out of the corner of your eye
there in the shadows
you can see the eye shine

the gurgling sound
again yet much nearer
settles in your mind
now blank with fear

the shadow it lunges
at you from its lair
backwards you scramble
screaming in fear

running away
as fast as you can
you should not have ventured
this night on the land

a feast for the beast
now you will become
if you can not make it
out of the hollow

a quarter mile to go
screaming you sprint
escaping the clutches
on this you are bent

at last you've arrived
not a second to soon
as the beast jumped
it was dissolved by the moon

You cry out a thanks
there on the ground
dust your self off
and settle on your way

home where it's safe
never again will you go
to Jacobs hollow
alone in the fall
Scot Powers Feb 2015
As I sat reading
one of the bards tales
the laughter within me
could not be quelled
he wrote with authority
he wrote with some wit
his words seemed to match
with the joint I just lit

As I continued
to peruse the tale
A voice from the kitchen
slightly derailed
my narrowing focus
had suddenly gone south
it seemed that I now
had cotton in my mouth

I reached for the glass
beside on the stand
intending to quench
the thirst I now had
but not taking an eye
off the page before
I clumsily knocked
the drink to the floor

I looked around
if any had seen
where was the cat
when I really need
a lackey , a scapegoat
on which to lay blame
The voice from the kitchen
called out my name

"What was that noise?"
inquired the voice
looking around
I had but one choice
Take off my socks
and sopp up the mess
down the hallway
came her footsteps

Quickly I scrubbed
and scrubbed some more
the cranberry juice
had stained the floor
suddenly there
before me appeared
the fuzzy red slippers
which I so feared

"You've stained the carpet!"
spat my angry wife
I quivered and shrank
hopefully out of sight
"I've told you before
"your not allowed."
"to sit and read stories
with liquid around."

With my head bowed
I went for the door
containing the machine
I'd used before
patiently she watched
as I cleaned the spot
removing the stain
which I had wrought
Thanks goes to Roger Turner,who got me thinking!!
752 · Dec 2014
A mile is the measure
Scot Powers Dec 2014
Sitting by the window
on a lonely summer night
watching as the sun began
dropping out of sight
staring at my cup
reflecting on the times
I reach for the bottle
filled with spirits,love and lies

I've walked
beneath the shadows of the trees
I've bathed in the sunlight
the warm waves washed me clean
I put myself in the shoes
of all that I do meet
a mile is the measure
humble pie is what I eat

The thunderclouds are gathering
around and in my head
stormy skies bring wailing cries
from those that have been wrecked
dashed upon the rocks of hope
so near yet so far
slowly slip beneath the waves
wishing on a star

I've walked
beneath the shadows of the trees
I've bathed in the sunshine
the warm waves washed me clean
I put myself in the shoes
of all that I do meet
a mile is the measure
humble pie is what I eat

I see you standing all alone
abandoned on the street
the misty traces of your lies
lining drawn cheeks
the vacant stare that you share
reveals the light within
an emerging flower
with the will to win

I've walked
beneath the shadows of the trees
I've bathed in the sunlight
the warm waves washed me clean
I put myself in the shoes
of all that I do meet
a mile is the measure
humble pie is what I eat
746 · Mar 2013
The Traveler
Scot Powers Mar 2013
I came across a strange man
while walking on my land
perched upon a rock
at me he waved his hand
as I approached him
offering this ,he said
"I have arrived here on this rock
at this present time"
"I am here to meet a fellow
traveler of time"

I stared at him agog
not believing what I heard
He said that on this spot
his arrival had been planned
I thought he asked what time it was
so I produced my watch
he slowly shook his head
and slyly ,he mocked
" What precisely is the year?"
he asked
as he sat back on the rock

I started to relay
an answer to the man
the year is 2768
that we are standing in

His eyes grew large
his face turned white
the blood just drained away
grasping at my shoulders
he asked
"What year did you say?"
again I told him the year
in which he had arrived
He screamed aloud and clutched his head
"why oh why oh why?"

"Why have I arrived here
so badly misplaced in time?"
"all that I have known
is now dust,just left behind"
"700 years ago my counterpart was here"
"I wonder how long he waited"
and did he remain here?"

I asked him the name
of this counterpart of his
I laughed aloud
as he relayed a name
that I knew well
he rattled off the name
of my ancestor and me

Our family had arrived here
oh so long ago
but it never was explained
just how this spot was chose
it seems clear enough
now that he is standing here
the man standing before me
was responsible it appears
for our people to have arose
from the very dust
of this tiny lonely rock
floating through the dusk

As I explained these facts
the man began to grin
"It looks as though our meeting
Has .. Finally... Happened
731 · Jan 2014
Scot Powers Jan 2014
A desert flower
diamond in the rough
warms a place
in my heart
strengthen the bond
over years to come
keeping the flame
from burning out

Lessons taught
and lessons learned
over time
the path does curve
to bring you slowly
face to face
understanding the value
of time and place

To share a place
and some time
remove the shades
from your eyes
open now
for you to see
a lonesome dove
floats so free
729 · Feb 2013
Alberta Mornings
Scot Powers Feb 2013
Crisp and clear Alberta Mornings
The beauty brings me to my knees
sun rising over prairies
dew glistens on the wheat

Blue sky mixed with morning starlight
it's a sight that can't be beat
for all 40 years I've been here
there is no other place for me

The mountains maintain my direction
prairies stretch out to the east
northern lights are alway dancing
on clear central eve's

Winding rivers divide prairies
rolling hills and forest too
fresh scents pervade my senses
that's when I think of you
725 · Feb 2013
Scot Powers Feb 2013
When I was a young boy
there was a frightening dream
in the dead of night it came
like a vision unfolding

the scene was as I can best describe
a giant sludge machine
turning ,twisting , mixing
all that once had been
a dark grey pasty ooze it was
then the scene did change
to a flat green moving belt
with daisy's  a popping
maybe this is what awaits
after our final day
a little glimpse to prepare
for your souls next phase

Or maybe reincarnation
works a little this way
blending experience and flesh
to make a better clay
from which to mold
a new life form
free of the past
moving off into the world
on a different path
723 · Apr 2013
The Circle
Scot Powers Apr 2013
darkened room  quartet's playing
the crowd, hungry for more
down here air is getting hazy
your ashen faced ,headed for the door
came again for the painted lady
her eyes you can't ignore
black dress, silk stockings
memories of long ago

sometimes I feel I'm going nowhere
sometimes I feel it's my time to win

Dawn is breaking, streets are empty
you look around from your hole
some people say that your crazy
but man that's not it at all
in the alley there's an entrance
a vision slot on the door
secret knock gains you entry
inside elixirs steal your soul

some times I feel I'm going nowhere
sometimes I feel it's my time to win

darkened room quartet's playing
you stumble back through the door
came again for that painted lady
her eyes you can't ignore
ruby lips, long finger tips
they rock you to the core
secret knock gains you entry
'round the circle here we go

some times I feel I'm going nowhere
sometimes I feel it's my time to win
'round and round this circle never ends
carry on boy quitting's no way to end.
another oldie from the some days album..2004.
698 · Mar 2013
No Sympathy
Scot Powers Mar 2013
The more that goes down your throat
barriers start to crumble
find yourself doing things
you could not imagine
nights still young
so you think
nothings going to happen
the next thing you know
your whole life is shattered
don't cry to me

'Cause you won't get my sympathy
don't want to hear it anymore
well I can't make no gaurantees
I've seen this all before

the choices that you make
really make me wonder
where your head is at
your spinning out of control
all that's important now
is another meeting in the alley
load the pipe and lock the door

well you won't get my sympathy
don't want to hear it anymore
well I can't make no gauantees
I've heard the lies before

Can't you see what your doing to yourself
got to make the choice
life or a sad end
when you look in her eyes
can't you feel the pain
when your both older now
you'll still feel the pain

well you won't get my sympathy
don't want to hear it anymore
I can't make no gaurantees
now I 'm walking right out the door.
This is another song thaat was written way back in 2003 and was part of the
"some days your the dog, someday's the hydrant ! "album
696 · Mar 2015
The Vigil
Scot Powers Mar 2015
The Stubborn man refused to budge
or listen to complaints
he always wore a frown they said
while standing at the gate
on rainy days he might stay in
on sunny days stay late
but there was not a day went by
when he wouldn't wait

Exactly what he waited for
no one could ever say
the local folks just wandered by
wishing him a pleasant day
he would gruffly wave them off
and mutter to himself
while keeping up his vigil
and keeping to himself

Curiosity finally gripped me
I had to find out for my self
so cautiously I approached the man
and this is what I asked
why do you stand here every day
peering into the wind
a lonely endless vigil
seemingly without end

He smiled at me as best he could
and slowly shook his head
"I am waiting for somebody
who wants to be a friend".
692 · Sep 2013
Scot Powers Sep 2013
Sending this out
across the sea
to one who shares
a passion with me
a friendship born upon the net
comparing notes and writers sweat

through dark times
and lighter too
advice is shared
the odd pic too
to sea how others
go about
their daily lives
with out a doubt

It is the greatest
gift of all
to share a vision
see the same  star
with some one from
a distant shore
thank you friend
the words
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