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Scot Powers Feb 2013
coming at you sideways
out of the sun
or from beneath
you'll ******* guns
finger four we fly in
death from above
just a flash then I'm gone

you won;t hear me
you won't see me
you won't feel it
you're spinning down in flames

dots on horizon
another flock
sheep or men I can tell not
another red star
goes spinning down
happy is my hunting ground

you won't see me
you won't hear me
you won't feel it
you're spinning down in flames

I am the blonde knight
Hartmann's my name
I bring down at what I aim
alone at the top now
never be beat
ignoble cause
amazing feat

you won't see me
you won't hear me
you won't feel it
you're spinning down in flames
Scot Powers Feb 2013
I seen you crying
waiting for the train
raindrops matched the tears
rolling down your face
where has your journey taken you
to make you feel this way
staring off into
the unrelenting grey

I turned to see
if I could help
but clearly I could not
the train had come and gone by then
leaving me at the stop
oh, the perfect vision
of a past left behind
weighs heavy on my heart
heavy on my mind
Scot Powers Mar 2014
The loneliness came
on the wind through the rain
mournful tones sang a forlorn cry

spreading across fields
brought forth by the wheels
steam billowing out in the night

as the sound came to me
in my mind I could see
romantic evenings enjoyed

long lonely nights
alone with the light
running along on the rails

the old four four two
had a trick or two
if you tickled her gauges just right

stoking her belly
so hot and smelly
yet feeling at once so alive

the wind in your hair
as you contentedly stare
out along the path of the line

The little wooden station
sate people and engines
an oasis if ever one's seen

unloading the horde
and taking on more
conductor  calls " All Aboard"

with a shunt and a spin
the wheels begin
the journey resumes again

Again there's the sound
a cry in the night
that takes me back in time

when as a young man
I traveled the land
in search of a piece of mind
Scot Powers Sep 2013
Sending this out
across the sea
to one who shares
a passion with me
a friendship born upon the net
comparing notes and writers sweat

through dark times
and lighter too
advice is shared
the odd pic too
to sea how others
go about
their daily lives
with out a doubt

It is the greatest
gift of all
to share a vision
see the same  star
with some one from
a distant shore
thank you friend
the words
Scot Powers Dec 2013
Howling wind
and drifting snow
defies all bounds
that I know
a winter chill
does set in
to the bone
the cold creeps in

A clearing sky
few clouds remain
cold winds burn
bring you pain
as your flesh
freezes white
mind goes numb
frost starts to bite

As you gaze
up to the sky
you ask yourself
how and why
have you found
yourself out here
all that's left
is the fear

fear of what
will come to pass
a night out here
you will not last
a frozen corpse
in the morn
no worries left
after the dawn
Scot Powers Feb 2013
Crisp and clear Alberta Mornings
The beauty brings me to my knees
sun rising over prairies
dew glistens on the wheat

Blue sky mixed with morning starlight
it's a sight that can't be beat
for all 40 years I've been here
there is no other place for me

The mountains maintain my direction
prairies stretch out to the east
northern lights are alway dancing
on clear central eve's

Winding rivers divide prairies
rolling hills and forest too
fresh scents pervade my senses
that's when I think of you
Scot Powers Mar 2013
Staring through the cracks in the wall
no one knows that I'm here
lost track of days, being alone
caught in the grips of fear
left my home to find my way
captured and tortured, ransom to pay
all my dreams ,drifting away
maybe I can see the sun today

The vision slot which is my own
opens briefly just at dawn
angry eyes look inside
making sure that I abide
all day long and night too
I pray to God, I'll see you
I pray today although it seems in vain
How long can I bear this mental strain

Flights of fancy keep me free
of all the pain that I feel
I just wish someone could see
what had happened ,comfort me
but life has dealt me this hand
traveling alone in a foreign land
easy picking's for the thugs
just another ******* stunt

I was warned  of what dangers lay
yet I alone chose to stay
so I wonder who's fault this is
I alone am to blame for this
I know the pain this brings at home
poor old parents all alone
would give it all to be with them
not fearing if I will ever see home

Scot Powers Mar 2013
When I first met you
a teardrop in my eye
crying gently
as you squeezed my finger tight
we introduced you
to the world the next day
you wrinkled your nose up
and we headed on our way

We'll make mistakes along the way
there's not much more to say
we'll make mistakes along the way
but it's true
we'll always love you

Staring through
the looking glass of time
I can still see you
riding your first bike
the scrapes and bruises
you earned yourself that day
proved to serve you well
on your life's journey

We'll make mistakes along the way
there not much more to say
we'll make mistakes along the way
but it's true
we'll always love you

Looking at you
14 and so alive
seeing you grow up
right before my eyes
the years have come and gone
oh so quickly
it's hard to believe
you'll soon be 18

We'll make mistakes along the way
there's not much more to say
we'll make mistakes along the way
but it's true
we'll always love you
For my daughter.. your a beautiful soul
Scot Powers Mar 2013
there have been times
in my life
when thoughts became
active strife
not knowing when
enough is enough
carrying on
huff and puff

as I start
to reflect a bit
seems to me
I was a ****
as I have aged
a new person arose
replacing one
with one who knows

The difference between
some souls it seems
is greatly reduced
when kindness precludes
an understanding ear
o'er a glass of dark beer
can bring out a smile
that might last awhile

so before you insult
consider the drought
of humanity within your soul
always reach out
even in doubt
for the life you will save
will be yours
Scot Powers Apr 2013
Sun rises over that lonely valley
corn fields they roll on row by row
wide open spaces stretch for miles
except for this ribbon I live on

It's always the same
no matter the games that you play
it's always the same
until you turn it around

In this lonely old mining town in the springtime
you can here a nickle drop on the floor
crows gathered on the fence post they're yakkin
with the scarecrow in the fall

It's always the same
no mater the games that we play
it's always the same
until you turn it around
this is one from our second album recorded in 2005
Scot Powers Dec 2014
Sitting by the window
on a lonely summer night
watching as the sun began
dropping out of sight
staring at my cup
reflecting on the times
I reach for the bottle
filled with spirits,love and lies

I've walked
beneath the shadows of the trees
I've bathed in the sunlight
the warm waves washed me clean
I put myself in the shoes
of all that I do meet
a mile is the measure
humble pie is what I eat

The thunderclouds are gathering
around and in my head
stormy skies bring wailing cries
from those that have been wrecked
dashed upon the rocks of hope
so near yet so far
slowly slip beneath the waves
wishing on a star

I've walked
beneath the shadows of the trees
I've bathed in the sunshine
the warm waves washed me clean
I put myself in the shoes
of all that I do meet
a mile is the measure
humble pie is what I eat

I see you standing all alone
abandoned on the street
the misty traces of your lies
lining drawn cheeks
the vacant stare that you share
reveals the light within
an emerging flower
with the will to win

I've walked
beneath the shadows of the trees
I've bathed in the sunlight
the warm waves washed me clean
I put myself in the shoes
of all that I do meet
a mile is the measure
humble pie is what I eat
Scot Powers Jul 2013
"A penny for your thoughts"
she said, with a sultry smile
looking at me sideways
as we passed away the miles

The journey that had brought us here
was really quite a ride
ups and downs and storms endured
but promised so much life

I must confess my mind was blank
but stuttered out a reply
I can't remember what I said
but she smiled and stroked my thigh

We continued on our present path
moving through the night
the morning sun looked down on us
as darkness turned to light

the mountain air was bracing
refreshing feeling so divine
descending through the mountain pass
we searched each others eyes

"A penny for your thoughts" you asked
well this is what I say
I can't believe the luck I've had
since our wedding day.
Scot Powers Feb 2016
Dashed upon the rocks of hope
and stranded by the waves
clinging desperately as the wind howls down
calling out my name

Oh how I need you now
in this timely hour
as the sun doth settles down
light begins to fade

The cold it creeps in slowly
loneliness indeed invades
insidiously replacing love
leaving hatred in its wake

I shall not become its victim
no. not again this time
crawling at a snails pace
it will not see me trying

At last I rise and strike a blow
for no longer am I blind
blind to the madness
which fights to poison the mind

Arisen I shall never bow
or break with the wind
arisen I shall take my place
at the helm again
Scot Powers Dec 2013
A Star
merely a person
painted against
a kalidascopic  societal view
upon whom the hopes
and aspirations of the masses
focus and ****

Driving ever forward
to some unknown end
as the masses want more
the star retreats
all at once
what he had craved
haunts him daily
life in a cage

a luxury that
no longer exists
the worlds eyes upon you
ripping your mental fabric

seek your name and presence
in order to maintain
the momentum
that their message
seems to intend
but often are drivin
not by the need for help
but for financial gain.

you trade your soul
for a star beside your name
just to bask
in an unreal "fame"
never again will you be
just a name upon the screen
Scot Powers Feb 2013
Waking in the
midnight hour
got to extinguish
a burning fire
the one that pounds
inside your head
it's siren song
could raise the dead
you know the one
for which I speak
your heart ,it cries
when you are weak
gives you strength
for the task
another page
has come at last
Scot Powers Feb 2014
As the hands of time slowly trod
around the glowing dial
the musty flavor of the air
made the room strangely drier
a growing sense of dread ensued
as minutes turned to hours
silence became my enemy
a voice, all I desired

picked up on the way home
unsure of what transpired
shackled to the table now
weary and defiled
left to think about my crime
no  one would hear my voice
until a measured time had expired
the truth it will suffice

What crime have I been charged with
you must respect my rights
or is this a kangaroo court
my fate has been decided
all these thoughts  and many more
surface with passing time
silence is the enemy
it will control your mind

As silence slowly takes it's hold
of all of you desires
you will withdraw into a ball
confused but happy all the while
letting go of all your cares
is really a simple thing
without a voice of reason
your future is quite bleak

Footsteps ringing down the hall
steadily getting nearer
all the protests I will make
my voice they'll surely hear
a twist of the door handle
announces fate has arrived
as dread and hope fight for control
of my fragile mind
a blank faced man nods my way
he says"Your free to go".
shocked at hearing someone talk
I just gaped with out control

I found myself silent
unable to complain
gratefully I shook his hand
and then got on my way
this was the most boring
two hours of my life
there can be no question
next time I'll use my voice
Scot Powers Jun 2014
Awake in my skin
every sense reeling
imagined vertigo
taking control

falling yet rising
higher yet lower
unable to wake
adrift all alone

through doorways imagined
the journey never ends
soft voices calling
is this the end

light starts to penetrate
removing the veil
cobwebs receding  
from destiny's trail

distant cries
drift through the night
bring visions on wings
a beautiful sight

destiny's gates
swing open for me
like the arms of a lover
embracing the heat
Scot Powers Mar 2013
Standing outside
ignites desire
      fit in
Scot Powers Feb 2015
The overgrown cavern
seemed to beckon me
the mystery, adventure
is what I really seek
to travel to a distant past
without ever leaving
the comfort of my daily life
really appeals to me

For within a hundred steps or so
the darkness starts to creep
pulling out the shadows
revealing things to me
a broken *** , a lower jaw
many treasures do await
an arrowhead protruding
from a dented brass breast plate

Going a little farther
into the empty place
I find that I no longer
sense the steps I trace
how many came before I did
to this very place
wondering about the former lives
lost within the cave

As a child I would come
here with my grandpa
he would tell me stories
of people that were lost
lost to the sands of time
but never did they leave
they just became the dusty floor
beneath my very feet
Scot Powers Jan 2015
Outwardly awkward
perpetually alone
you stalk the night
by moonlights cold glow

Stay in the shadows
glare at the flow
bitter young man
witnesses the blow

The sirens they wail
cut through the night
race with out winners
fearing the light

For light brings the change
that none can abide
unwilling to take
chance for a bride

Surely you'll suffer
for all that you know
the price of permission
Bitter pill taken once more.
Scot Powers Jan 2013
Blood red sky
in the morn
there's a flag
faded and torn
whipping fast
in the wind
rippling softly
like sweet sin
staring off
into the sky
pondering the reasons
for and why
stands a man
with wet brow
searching horizon
from the prow
ever looking
for the land
for which he left
it seems unplanned
from the sea
arose the shore
but is that what
he's looking for?
Scot Powers Jun 2013
Blueberry you sit
heavy on my mind
met you at a party
of a friend of mine

So free a soul
I've scarcely met
with your multi- colored dreadlocks
and presence so fresh

Colorful outfit
like I've never seen
flowing so graceful
as you wander near me

Rainbow scarf
of fabric so fine
green khaki jacket
and a gleam in your eye

You struck me at once
unlike many before
as someone who knows
the trips gift for the soul

The freedom you showed
was clear to see
the joy in your eyes
as you prodded playfully

My soul it did sing
with joy this day
at seeing you Blueberry
lighting the way
Scot Powers Jul 2013
I've read the words
left unwritten
between the lines
bye bye crocodile

You touched so many
with your words
and your smile
bye bye crocodile

You've seen so much more
than many in this life
bye bye crocodile

Born of two minds
balance is the key
reading your thoughts
but never feeling your pain

Felt the emotions
as days turned to nights
victories no matter the size
still extract a price

Wish I'd had the chance
to spend a little time
sometimes there's more in life
than meets the eye

I hope you've found the peace
you needed in your life
I'll be missing your words
while writing this I cry

bye bye crocodile
In memory of Julia Teasdale A.k.a Masakani Crocodile, you are and will be is a link to a live performance..
Scot Powers Sep 2014
the choices that we make sometimes
can reveal many things
the sorrows that do follow us
as winter turns to spring
a winding path of reason
drives the inner beast
choosing self destruction
with one of many ways

the drugs you take to make it real
rob you of your sleep
the ***** is so succulent
warm waves that can't be beat
the roller coaster ride of life
can sometimes seem surreal
spinning uncontrollably
trapped within a wheel

the reasons for your journey
only you now hold the key
unlocking all the phantoms
setting the spirits free
don't let the anchors of your past
drag you deeper to the depths
of your sea of misery
sitting on your step

instead of looking inward
try reaching for a friend
find yourself an ally
on whom you can depend
someone who is willing
to take you by the hand
lead you out of trouble
out of this barren land

when the rays of sunshine
fall again upon your head
as the cobwebs do recede
no longer feeling the dread
of facing yet another day
trapped within the wheel
again the choices that you've made
continue to reveal
Scot Powers Dec 2013
As the reel of past events
slowly does unwind
pictures and emotions
seem to drift like the tide

As the waves come rushing in
embrace the flowing light
take a trip upon the wind
like a leaf taking flight

Soaring ever higher
vision blooming like a flower
suspended in a tranquil mist
watching events transpire

Knowing you can't change events
a stunned witness you remain
muted as you shout inside
with regrets your soul is stained

Look into the future
with a heart that's burden free
don't take the past and wear it
just like Marley's chains

Make amends then move on
life is short you see
enjoy the days that you have
set your spirit free

Don't cry to me of hardships
we all have paid a price
everybody has a past
and another set of lies

The things I think that matters most
are the connections that are made
truly understanding
what the other has to say

When we meet eye to eye
on equal ground we stand
looking through the others eyes
examining ourselves

Smile a lot and say hello
to everyone you meet
together we can re form a bond
we once called society
Scot Powers Jan 2013
stumbling blind
through the hallways of my years
wasting time,grinding my gears
got to suffer
seems it's the only way
to make the effort
seem worth the pain

Stand back
take a look at what you see
drives you crazy,your so naive
all your troubles
you can add them to my list
my plate is full ,but I'll get another dish

You know who speaks the truth
don't forsake your entire youth
stand up by yourself and you will find the way
as the shepherd
leads the fools away

Barren wastelands
are the landscape of your mind
no more goals
no mountains to climb
treading water in a sea of misery
keep your head out of the endless waves
Scot Powers Mar 2013
As I sit here
in my house
I wonder why
I am at a loss
my family is here
but I'm so alone

nobody cares
how I feel
so I just pour it out
for you to hear
I hope this doesn't
bother you
just had to say
I hope it heals

the sky is clear
my future 's bright
but today I think
I am losing my fight
to hold onto my sanity
people come and people go
but does anybody  
really want to know

what is going on
in my heart,in my soul
here's the dice take a roll
hands held out to be fed
not one concern
about my head
or the thoughts
bouncing around
just wish I had
someone around

To hold and hug
comfort and console
That is what I crave for
been so long
out of touch
I 've lost the sense
of a lovers touch
so alone am I today
words alone just can't say

The music that I play
helps keep my demons away
the words I write
makes me feel alright
but deep down inside
I think it is how I hide

from the tragedy
of my past
I'm coming apart
very fast
losing my grip
on my cool
I can't help
but sink in this pool

this pool is oh so deep
treading water
but still can't reach
the shallow end
is far away
can I last another day
Scot Powers Mar 2013
Have you ever
wondered why
distant thoughts
make you cry
Scot Powers Feb 2013
I awoke with the feeling
I wasn't alone in there
from across the room
I could feel the icy stare
a black amorphous cloud
hovered in the air
I could feel the anger
as it moved around my bed

As black as black
could possibly be
a cold wind overcame
the summer nights heat
I asked it what it wanted
and whom it had been
it just stared right through me
bitter, cold and clean

"You will never get her back"
"She now belongs to me"
said the dark black cloud
looking right at me
as I comprehended
what it said to me
it waited for my eyes to grow
then it lunged at me

it pushed me in the bed so far
and cut off all my breath
it seemed to me for hours
I was paralyzed by dread
then it moved off me
and vanished in the night
I will never, ever forget
waking up that night.
Scot Powers Feb 2014
Sitting by the campfire
singing song's that we all know
past glories half remembered
yet still funny when they're told
reflections of the scenery
open the eyelids of my soul
I've found life is like this
it's how you handle the load

Every once in  a while
I get to thinking
what's became of you
Every once in a while
I start smiling
I remember you

I still see you smiling
standing together on the porch
dancing to that song about fishing
and what to do in the dark
precious times fondly remembered
sometime before the fall
to travel back there someday
how do you climb a sheer wall

Every once in a while
I get to thinking
what's be came of you
Every once in a while
I start smiling
when I remember you

What is in a lesson
a pearl of wisdom for us all
heartache comes to many times
stripped and bled for all
castle's built of day dreams
crumble and they fall
I've found life is like this
catch me if I fall

Every once in a while
I start to thinking
what became of you
Every once in a while
I start crying
as I remember you

Sitting round the campfire
my stories have been told
glowing embers bring warmth
give you comfort from the cold
I'll get in my car now
maybe head out for the coast
I've found life is like this
it's how you travel your road

Every once in a while
I start to thinking
what became of you
Every once in a while
I start smiling
as I remember you
Scot Powers Jan 2013
Standing on the street corner
I watch the world go by
and I start to wonder
everybody's busy
no time to take a rest
it's no wonder
I still see you riding on that pony
looking for all the world
like your in your glory

now you've faded away
like a gin soaked rodeo clown
faded away
like a painting on the ground
your the only one,
I'll never miss

I still see you riding high
in the back of my old chevy
learned a lot about life in that car
man it was heavy
I still see your blonde hair shining in the moonlight
blonde has turned to grey
as though your in your twilight

now you've faded away
like a gin soaked rodeo clown
faded away
like a painting on the ground
your the only one
I'll never miss

Time has gone by
and now i sit on the porch
with my daughter
talk about life and what it means to each other
I still see you riding that **** pony
time has gone by and I realize your so phoney

now your faded away
like a gin soaked rodeo clown
faded away like a painting on the ground
your the only one
I'll never miss
Scot Powers Mar 2013
Floating free
of worldly care
left my body
back  there
Scot Powers Jan 2013
Every morning
same old rush
gather my things
catch the bus

Off to toil
for my bread
while you lie in your bed

But that is not  
the life for me
I must look after
your endless needs

To what end
I ask myself
for all i do
my will must bend

I hang my head
when I have heard
your scathing words
that seem absurd

I bite my tounge
and curse inward
far to often on the verge

To leave you here
for all to see
I've done my time
my mind is free
Scot Powers Mar 2013
As I was driving
down the country road
the moon seemed to chase me
swiftly I drove

It came without warning
it came with haste
a blinding white spotlight
blazed in my face

Next thing I knew
it couldn't be
I was not where
I was supposed to be

a long way from home
alone in the trees
my car sitting idle
I feel ill at ease

How did I get here
where could I be
confusion and pain
coursing through me

Bruises and cuts
as if I were dragged
all over my body
feeling so drained

who will believe
what happened to me
they will all laugh

I alone know
the reality
another experiment
performed upon me

They have been coming
since I was thirteen
little doctors choosing
to steal from me

All that I am
and what makes up me
keeping for themselves
for their own need

I wonder if they
will be here for life
taking what they want
escape in the night

I know I am not
the only one
to suffer in silence
beaten and robbed

There have been others
and there will be
even more victims
long after me

Maybe some day
they will agree
we're all the same
our species....
Scot Powers Oct 2013
The rain slashed down
the razor back ridge
misty wind spiraled
a cool autumn kiss

The moon casts a pall
that's rarely seen
casting wild shadows
a creepy feeling

gingerly approach
a darkened archway
seeking the shelter
get out of the rain

you reach for the knocker
a gnarled hand made of brass
grasping it firmly
holding your breath

Before you can strike
slowly the door
opens on hinges
squealing from the chore

A cold wind rushes out
and goes straight through you
raising the hairs
from your head to your shoes

from the dark entrance
a cadaver like form
beacons you forward
toward you it floats

You turn to run
but now it's too late
the door behind you
closes firmly in place

A lump in your throat
as your heart leaves your chest
sweat stars to pour
in rivers of dread

around and around
they swirl about you
tangents and visions
reaching for you

down the hall
you do take flight
laughter behind you
increases your fright

you look to the left
you look to the right
for an escape
from this deadly plight

a stairwell appears
your choice must be right
or you will not emerge
from this house tonight

if upwards you go
trapped you will be
if downwards you go
surely to the beast

A window to the left
through it you crash
falling though air
surely to death

you jolt open your eyes
as you strike the ground
only to find
sheets and pillows around

back in your house
safe from the dream
of that darkened old mansion
at the top of your street
Scot Powers Jun 2015
green and black
was what you wore
in the mid day sun
chatting with another
like we had once done
I wonder if you feel the same
or share so willingly
the words and emotions
that once came so freely
are there times when you look back
with fondness and regret
or are the moments that we shared
indifferent and bereft
just another port of call
shelter from the storm
a mirror to reflect upon
the way you carry on
oh I wish to see again
the smile upon your face
as you open up your door
and wrap me in  your embrace
Scot Powers Jun 2013
Sitting here this morning
enjoying the suns rays
reflecting upon life again
what a great journey

through tragedy and victory
and all that's lain between
times and personalities
I've met along the way

there is a fraternity
to which many do belong
some are there willfully
but some just don't belong

every day we pay our dues
though the members seldom meet
taking on the challenge
seven days a week

through good times
and sad times too
the challenges we meet
always moving forward
never do we retreat

we give advice
and push the swings
listen to the cries
joyus moments we do live
in our children's eyes

we are there when life begins
though rarely do we sing
praises for the job we do
or the joy it brings

we pass on the knowledge
of how the world works
so the next generation
will not be off worse

we bring strength
we bring wisdom
at least we often try
to teach our children
how to play
and even how to ride

I would be remiss
if I didn't mention too
the mothers role in all of this
to them I  say Thank You

There are some Mothers
who are in this club as well
doing the job  that is ours
and doing it **** well

So my wish today is simple
for it is our day
reflect upon the job you've done
Happy Fathers Day.
For all my fellow members Who know the joys and trials of Fatherhood
you know who you are..
and what you mean..
Scot Powers Feb 2013
Today I awoke
with a feeling
I really must relate
it has to do with people
and the games we play

We move in and out
of others lives
strangely unaware
of how our presence
affects that very life
while we are there

A wink, a nod
a touch , a look
all say many things
to the sender
maybe hopes and dreams
to the receiver
the validation that we seek

at the end of it all
we must ask ourselves
can we look in the mirror
and atone for all
that we do and what we say
and all the trails we have laid

Have you done to others
as you want done to you?
Scot Powers Dec 2015
Hearing from a old friend
is always such a thrill
bringing forth the memories
of times that were so clear
to share lifes experience
with one whom lives so far
the distance doesent matter
just the closeness of the hearts
like best friends sitting on the porch
calling out the stars
yet often more like ships
passing in the fog
we carry on our lives journeys
but always checking in
to share a bit of wisdom
and a happy grin
Scot Powers Feb 2013
The day I have awaited
now is drawing near
I am filled with happiness
and a little bit of fear
have the winds of change blown high
and cast me adrift
or will we look in each others eyes
remembering why we missed...
Scot Powers Dec 2017
Hello again my pretties
Indeed it's been some time
But life sometimes throws a curve
There are many waves to ride

Around and around this ride goes
Never knowing where it ends
Emotions and reflections rule
Drawing you deeper in the depths

It is time to cleanse the mind
Clear out the sacred place
Tell the stories of my life
Let the pieces fall into place.
Scot Powers Jan 2013
hello world
are you there?
do you really care?
will you take a dare?
Scot Powers Apr 2013
Hey Sweet lady
how far can we go
your dance takes me higher
than I have been before
to much confusion
every way that we turn
suns blinding my vision
every twist and turn

every time I get feeling fine
there's always someone
to confuse the situation
like a punch to the nose

Sun starts to rise up
we gather our clothes
what the hell happened
where did they go
ladies were dancin
to much to smoke
wine flowing freely
while embers still glow

every time I get feeling fine
there's always some one
to confuse the situation
like a punch to the nose

Hey sweet lady
how far can we go
your dance takes me higher
than I have been before
too much beauty
missed out on so much
wine flowing freely
too much to smoke

Every time I get feeling fine
there's always some one
to confuse the situation
like a punch to the nose..
yet another song from the some days your the dog some days the hydrant. album 2003
Scot Powers Apr 2013
I have waited
with breath baited
far too long for you
to tell me a lie
emotional high
oh, my soul it will soothe
to feel just for once
that I was the one
feel like the hand
that fits in the glove
to be the one
that lights up your night
being the sun
burn away your night

yet again I can see
this will not be
just a lonely old codger
not a gull on the sea
chasing a dream
can never attain
a dance with an angel
to feel young again
a walk through the valley
never hurt any one
can only become stronger
when this day is done.
Scot Powers Feb 2013
Fortune teller gave me the score
what you're doing,told me some more
can't go back to what we knew
it's all right honey
I'll get over you

Standing alone,like the night before
you can't buy love at the liquor store
always searching,never complete
since we parted on that winters eve

I am fine ,how are you
that new style sure suits you
are you sure your happy this way
did you think of us today

Time has passed and you know for sure
bad idea's closing the door
feeling foolish like you know you should
sheepish looks in the neighborhood

I am fine, how are you
I am happy, I feel great
watching you fall flat on your face.
Scot Powers Jul 2013
If I could be so bold
the times I've spent with you
have brought me joy beyond compare
opened up my heart to you
we laugh and sigh, share good times
and sorrows like good friends
yet still when I look in your eyes
I can see heavens gift
your aura glows and reaches out
to comfort other souls
I was drawn to your light
like a wandering soul

If I could be so bold
the things I'd say to you
looking deep in your eyes
wrapping my arms around you
to take you gently by the hand
and lead you to my bed
then we'd be together
gently moving, locked in bliss
releasing waves of pleasure
we never knew could exist
showering you with kisses
the sweet taste of your lips
ecstatic emotions blossoming
fireworks behind our eyes
the room begins to spin about
while we're quivering inside

If I could be so bold
the things I would tell you
how special you have made me feel
when I am with you
it's easy for me to see now
some things aren't meant to be
so I cherish all the moments spent
as fleeting as they may be
time was spent in many places
learning to be free
of all the problems life presents
and challenges we perceive

If I could be so bold
one thing that I'd tell you
slowly day by day it seems
I've fallen in love with you
Scot Powers Jul 2013
Rolling fields remind me
of the distance I feel
staring out at the darkness
trying to be real
left cold shoulders behind me
round and round go the wheels
putting miles between us
seems so unreal

but I'll go down swinging
for my friends
make my mark and stand
but I'll go down swinging
believe me
you don't want
to know where I've been

As I look around me
am I a lucky man
friends stand beside me
always seem to understand
as the headlights search out
shadows to the right , to the left
strait white lines deceive you
lines and horizon start to blend

But I'll go down swinging
for my friends
make my mark and stand
I'll go down swinging
believe me
you don't  want
to be where I've been

Seems I've come full circle
beat myself once again
stronger when we're together
than alone against the wind
how we let something divide us
robs me of my words
standing now beside you
I feel whole again

But I'll go down swinging
for you friend
take you by the hand
I'll go down swinging
believe me
you don't want
to be where I've been
Scot Powers Feb 2013
Everything now turns to grey
sunshine disappears
to be replaced by your fears
I have listened to what you say
drifting lines divide
prejudice from pride

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you
till your dreams come true

Darkness now turns to day
light streaming through your eyes
shadows  start to die
now you must watch just what you say
words create your reality
open opportunity

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you
till your dreams come true

Now we've seen another way
time to get in your head
time to move ahead
watching you sit there everyday
wallow in your ****
die a little bit.

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you...

I  can't wait another day
standing tall
a fortress in my mind
ties that cannot bind
I can't wait to see today
what situation will arise
tears from your eyes

I'll wait for you
won't you come and join me
I'll wait for you
you'll be fine someday
I'll wait for you
till your dreams come true.
Scot Powers May 2013
Journeyed  from
a far off land
through the forest
across the sand
like a restless beast
never at peace
wandered for years
laughter and tears

A family of wanderers
have traveled the path
acrobats and see'ers
jugglers and rats
all move together
for it would seem
safety in numbers
they're often seen

Raven haired beauties
with large almond eyes
pry coins from the menfolk
tell them sweet lies
they stay for awhile
then they move on
when their welcome
is truly gone

for hundreds of years
the travelers have wandered
despite all our fears
the gypsies have lived
like we wish we all could
living and laughing
loving as they should

don't be so hard
on those you don't know
could be a friend
let you in from the cold.
Scot Powers Mar 2013
Sitting by the tarmac
as the fog settles in
my mind and heart
trace the pathways
where you've been
I've givin of my soul to you
oh so selflessly
yet sometimes I have to think
it's a one way street

Again I feel the fool
who played and danced in vain
for the palace royalty
then taken out and hanged
I hope that this is not the case
but my heart is growing faint
all I've ever wanted from you
is to be your friend unchained

Don't cry or curse
when I am gone
It's what you planned all along
to rob me of my will to be
stabbing my soul so visciously
I don't know what I did to you
except maybe try to love you

yet time and time
and time again
it's all the same
in the end
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