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Saujan Gyawali Apr 2017
Whom I never saw
Whom I never feel
  still, everything exists!
Trust to Love
Faith to Happiness
And connected in dots after dots

Days to Night
text to voice
feelings after feelings

I never thought
I never Dream
I could add small happiness in your smile in your lips
I could add something in your feelings

Life is up and down
It doesn't matter,
The age that you've turned
These candles and memories,
you certainly have earned

Another year,
I hope that it's kind
With warmth in your heart,
and peace in your mind

Happy birthday,
may another chapter begin.
Follow your heart,
and always you'll win.
Saujan Gyawali Sep 2016
“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

I remember the first day of my class, when my teacher taught degree is part of your bright future!
I wonder how sheet of paper could define my life
How 3 hours of exam tells me who am I?
I wonder why life is all between GPA and Grades

I forget to laugh, Things left unsaid,
Experiences not lived,
Friends not much made.

Class were between accountancy and theory,
Derivatives to Risk
Is all what I had supposed to believe?

Again I was puzzled,
Difference between a classroom and a plantation of time
Struggle between patient and constellations
Aspiration to Inspiration
Trying to connect the dots
After dots
I was failure

When my teachers taught in the classroom about calculation
Mom she was there saying me son failure are huge success of engine of innovation

Each day that passes
I only see more darkness

Too many feel the need to suppress
Anger, lies and distress

Seasons never change
this cycle comes with age

Here's to a new beginning
Pasts don't matter

Become who you want to be
Leave it all behind

Go live your life
Go find happiness
Be what you truly want to be

But don't forget
Generation with Generation needs us with Education is no equalizer
Raise your voice
Sky is not the limit. It is only the beginning.
Saujan Gyawali Oct 2015
If I could sing, I’d sing a song
Filled with love and praise,

Using notes and melody,
Musical bouquets...

If I could paint, with brush strokes I
Could show you how I feel;

With colors, light and texture,
I'd prove my love is real.

If I could fly, I’d soar so high
Grazing heaven above,

Trailing a giant banner:
You are the one I love!

I can’t do those, but I can do this:
I can hug you tight and say,

I hope your birthday is the best,
A joy-filled pleasure buffet!

Dedicated to you!!!
20 October 2015
Saujan Gyawali Apr 2015
You Me and Poetry

When I saw your face
Then I read you
Since then
I am your dream
And you are my Imagination
Creation, fabrication
And birth of poetry with invention

I have been trailing you behind
Following your footsteps
And stepping on your footprints
Knowing that you

You remain so do I
Poetry remain so do we

©Saujan Gyawali
14 April 2015
Saujan Gyawali Jan 2015
मेरो देश अस्त ब्स्त
यही देशले भविषयको कर्णधार भनेर सम्बोधन गर्ने युवाहरु
WhowillbemyValentine भन्दैमा मस्त
Saujan Gyawali Jan 2015
I’ve heard
You exist thousands and thousands miles away from me
Somewhere in the Universe
So, I prayed you last time
You! Listen it

Created a beautiful person to me
Happiness was precious gift
Smile was best part
Feeling was Amuse
Moments were Incredible
That you gave it to me

But Today,
I am writing you a letter
Instead of praying

Dear God,
Please change the whole solar system to,
Not a day after Night
Weeks after Month
Months after Year
Years after Decade
Decades after Century
Which I’d suffered a lot

Change it to
Happiness after Satisfaction
Smile after tight Hug
Feelings after Love
Moments after Moments

You had already given me 3 words
“Distance” “Missing” and “Tears”
as a gift with Her!!!

©Saujan Gyawali
7 January 2015
#Distance #Missing #Tears
Saujan Gyawali Jan 2015
मेरी आमाको हात

मेरी आमा
मेरो बाबाको सबेरै उठाउँने
Alarm Clock

बिहान्भरी भन्सामा नाचेर
धुप बालेर
घन्टिको टिन टिन आवज सगै
छोराको हातमा मोबाईलको साथमा
बाबाको पत्रीकाको साथमा
चियाको कप पुराईदिने
मेरी आमा

मिठो काउलिको तरकारी
घिउले झानेको दाल
हरियो पोशिलो साग
अनी तातो तातो माम
तयार गर्ने
मेरी आमा

मिनेट र घण्टाको सुई हेरेर
अली अलि सिरिङ्गगार गरेर
दुई गास माम
टप्प टिपेर अफिस जाने
मेरी आमा

हप्ताको शनिबार
कुम्भकर्ण सँग चयालेन्ज गर्न ग्वार ग्वार सुतिराखेको म
आमाको त्यो हातको रातो चुरा छन छन
गरेर बज्दा ब्युजिन्छु
फेरी आर्को हप्तालाई थाती राख्छु
कुम्भकर्ण लाईहराउने सपना

लम्पसार परेका लुगामा डल्लो सबुन लाई
नाथे टुक्रा टुक्रा हुँदा सम्म रगडेका
मेरी आमाको हात
अनी मेरो बाबालाई मन  नप्र्ने
मेरी आमाले Vaseline Intensive Total Moisture Careले चिल्लो परेको हात
मेरी आमाको हात

©सौजन ज्ञवाली
1 January 2015
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