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Maybe I have to face this,
how long I try not to,
my life has to fetch it.
how long you try to end this,
becomes the reason for me to face it.
Feels like I´m being a crazy stuff
endure a rage of fire somewhere.
Is this really me??
Because I rememmer the time,
when the things were out of the words,
enjoying, snooping and relief from the world
His skin was always so baby soft
I would sleep next to him when I felt like I was fallen apart
We where not attached at birth
In fact you couldn't wait to be away from me
You severed your life cord  
I did not nest in your  soul
I had to leave
I didn't try hard enough
Perhaps  when you where a  baby I held you like a gun
I'm your  trigger
Allowing the bullets in my head to erupt
I feel so much hatred towards the boy in a mans body
I love my son its hard even when his fists meet my face.
Me, yes me!
I am the answers,
To all my irresolution.
Solving the puzzle,
Around my girdle,
Only the person, taking me pinnacle
May be the factors, can influence
But only me, can be the moderator.
a heart on the floor
blood splattered across the walls
ripped apart by words
It's okay to cry sometimes
It's okay to break down sometimes
There are times when you
Can't have control over your emotions
When things go wrong and ruined
You can get tired of holding smiles
You can get upset about your failure
You can be afraid of losing people you love
Nothing gets perfect forever
You can complain about your problems
You can be dragged down
And thrown in the ground to zero
I tell you, none of these make you
Less stronger than you were before
Till you carry that courage of
Getting up again, wiping your tears and
Ask life to throw more problems on you
You may fear that you can't make it sometimes
You may doubt on your strengths sometimes
But! you can win over everything
Cause you are much more stronger
Than you think you are!
True was a word, every happiness has a curse
True was a curse, pulled me through worse
Forging every moment special, always thought was a love
Revive my happy moment was always for your care,
Banish that all was a tale.
My happiness without you was a forever plague
Remors for all the moment I lived without you
All the happiness I shared without you,
The enjoyment I felt without you
Is all what love persist
Is all what love meant
Is all what it remains in me for now.
If I was able to run from myself, would live a satisfied life I guess.
Memory loss would be the boon and days would be beautiful soon.
Difficult to deal with the person you hate,
Even most difficult, when it turns to be yourself.
Life full of regret,
No other way to escape,
Escape from yourself,
Escape from your days.
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