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May 2020 · 106
Fighting Me
Maybe I have to face this,
how long I try not to,
my life has to fetch it.
how long you try to end this,
becomes the reason for me to face it.
Feels like I´m being a crazy stuff
endure a rage of fire somewhere.
Is this really me??
Because I rememmer the time,
when the things were out of the words,
enjoying, snooping and relief from the world
Jul 2019 · 217
Me, yes me!
I am the answers,
To all my irresolution.
Solving the puzzle,
Around my girdle,
Only the person, taking me pinnacle
May be the factors, can influence
But only me, can be the moderator.
May 2018 · 410
Is there a love?
True was a word, every happiness has a curse
True was a curse, pulled me through worse
Forging every moment special, always thought was a love
Revive my happy moment was always for your care,
Banish that all was a tale.
My happiness without you was a forever plague
Remors for all the moment I lived without you
All the happiness I shared without you,
The enjoyment I felt without you
Is all what love persist
Is all what love meant
Is all what it remains in me for now.
Nov 2017 · 532
Random thoughts
If I was able to run from myself, would live a satisfied life I guess.
Memory loss would be the boon and days would be beautiful soon.
Difficult to deal with the person you hate,
Even most difficult, when it turns to be yourself.
Life full of regret,
No other way to escape,
Escape from yourself,
Escape from your days.
Jun 2017 · 1.4k
I'm hurt,
Its not you who hurt,
not your intention to hurt,
It's me,
my thought for you,
my suggestions for you,
is killing me like the hell.
My expectation on you,
on your feeling,
on your expectation on me.
Its the situation that hurt me,
the situation to expect more on you,
the situation to belief more on you.
It's me, who hurt me.
Some mistake can't be forgotten,
It makes feel regret for life.
May 2017 · 590
sometimes a power,
provide motives to fly higher.
a broad weakness,
drive the life towards darker.
Mar 2016 · 947
We see the stars, that twinkle
That´s our impotence that,
we can´t see the stars that doesn´t twinkle
but they exist.
They exist in that dark universe
lightening their surrounding.
There comes a certain time for star, to
twinkle for universe,
but not every star has that potential.

and yea I am a star,
and I am fan of myself.
we all have some talents,
only those who get platform shines.
Nov 2015 · 702
Mix the colour,
cast it on paper,
just like the nature,
the whole colour, feel like alive,
just like they have also a life.
present the thought on paper.
avoiding the scraper,
heal the mistake, with the restorer.
Its a skill, technique or craft.
Its an art.
joy of colour, cheerful flower,
feel smart, its an art.
Oct 2015 · 554
Unknowing feeling
This is a curious feeling,
I want to know
either I am happy or sad.
a painful feeling,
I want to know
either I´m hurt because of ignorance Or
I am unhappy with my response.
a brave feeling, to heal my pain
either I face the challenge,
or I change the direction of my mind,
It´s just the feeling that
I want to shape me to previous one.
#hurt #pain
Oct 2015 · 407
An unexpected emotion,
start with a moment,
misbalance the body´s condition,
leave with a impact
either good or bad.
Oct 2015 · 836
Anger, one of the worst rival of human.
Anger, one of the best motivating force.
Both sides leads to destruction,
One single moment and end of the healthy reputation.
So, self control is the best companion.
Oct 2015 · 843
Is this the end?
Every time, the state I feel like,
I've lost something,
really precious,
really valueable,
and that meant something
in my life,
which had some value,
I get lost in myself,
with the activation of my brain,
I ask with my soul,
Is this the end?
and the answer I get,
really cheers me up!!
Sep 2015 · 885
Busy life
I feel like ,I am lost somewhere
in the halfway of the jungle,
in the depth of the well,
where nobody can hear me,
noone can understand my pain
and only the thing i can do is
complete my busy schedules,
follow the journey of life
with a hope to see beam of light
to get everything I desire
and hope this busy life expire.
Sep 2015 · 431
the most powerfull agent,
has the potential to mend,
has the potential to destroy.

it create the way to success,
create the energy,
to follow the path of success,
it is the one which leads to failure.
time, has the potential to mend,
has the potential to destroy.

It is the agent,
that create distance in bond,
that create misunderstanding,
that create agony and suffering
it is the one which heal that pain.
time, has the potential to mend,
has the potential to destroy.
Sep 2015 · 403
What is challenge?
Taking a challenge in a uncomplicated form is a challenge,
as long as we are consious,
we focus on the difficult situation
instead of its solution
to develop the capacity,
to visualise the solution before the problem,
is our greatest challenge.
Sep 2015 · 1.8k
New day, new hope!!
Its a new morning
rise of a new sun,
ignore last dark,
that was cruel so far
new day is for new life,
hope of a new smile.
It´s a new sun shine.
Sep 2015 · 580
Unusual Imagination
A thought just came,
what would happen if unnature remains same,
nature remains same,
suddenly human got vanish but
things made by human remains same?
same thing will happen,
that is happening,
next creature after human,
may use the entirity as natural,
may envisage the entirity as natural.
Sep 2015 · 383
Dare to smile
Sometimes I envisage,
what summons time would bring, to place me in the worst situation,
how much it can allow pain,
till today, I am smiling at every pain.
It can try to make me cry,
and I dare to smile again.
Sep 2015 · 214
I don't know
I don't know what I want
I don't know what my spirit want
I don't know what the world want from me
I don't know what I want from this world
Just I know is, I want to make the world happy,
and let the world know the person behind their happiness.

— The End —