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Lost love Jun 2015
Everything In my life has a piece of you.
Your beautiful ways and love you shared made beautiful days.
A forbidden thing about you only a few have seen and maybe dreamed of.
Now my life is better because of you.
Thank you.
Lost love May 2015
1000 nights of you
500 days without you
It only took one day to fall in love with you.
Im glad I share it with you.
I love you.
Lost love May 2015
Dried flower of love.
What happen to your beautiful color?
You came from a precious garden.
I chose only the most beautiful one in my eyes.
I chose nothing but the best for you.
Because that's what you are and always will be.
Lost love May 2015
Behind the mountains the sun hides and is no more. The city glimmers of diamonds lights tonight. You are the city in my heart that shines.  Without you it is not alive. Only lonelyness with blackouts in the streets tonight. Glimmering lights and joys no more. I find myself waiting for you by the door.  But no one comes here anymore. I know your here somewhere in plain sight. I will not give up for our fate will restore our love again. Bring it back to life as it has before. Im restless without you here. Going to a new home now so far and so near. But not to you! You are my home and thats where i belong. Where are u my love?

— The End —