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 Apr 2017 Lost love
A happy couple,
You and me,
A painter paints,
Both of us,
Into the Sunset.
HP Poem #1150
©Atul Kaushal
 Aug 2015 Lost love
 Aug 2015 Lost love
You tell me that I'm beautiful.
That I'm "simply amazing."
That I'm adorable.

You tell me about the universe.
About perfection.
About society.

You tell me all these things;
A hushed whisper in the darkness of my mind.
Compliments and poetry mumbled in a groggy, half-asleep voice.

I like listening to your voice.
I like hearing you rant passionately about life.
I like hearing my name on your lips.

I wonder why you even bother talking to me.
Why I'm even worth your time.
Why I'm different.

You say I'm

Yet you are
Sorry for ******* everything up.
 May 2015 Lost love
I used to be obsessed with
Those tiny, willowy, broken girls.
The ones with the sad eyes
And the drug habits.

But I look at your pictures
And I just get nauseous.

This doesn't suite you.
He doesn't suite you.
None of this suites you.

Remember when we needed each other?
Things were so ****** up,
But you looked so much healthier.

— The End —