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Athanasius Feb 2019
you are the tide, and I, the shore;

we drift so close, but I want more.

but when the sun sets on today,

the moon will pull you far away.
Athanasius Jan 2019
chest skipping a beat
butterflies in stomach
scalp massage
smell of crying
falling in a dream
memorable dreams
familiar smells
fall into a song
lay on a cold bed
blanket burrito
good small easy to chew ice
cracking knuckles
coffee on a rainy day
smell of rain
jumping for joy
closing 20 research tabs
warm hoodies
smelling food cooking
rap poetry
reading a good book
rewatching a good movie
feel-good games
puzzling movies
bubble wrap
smell of matches
thick milkshakes
navigating foreign subways
freezing outside to warm room
hot outside to cool room
peaceful nature
crying alone
nice socks
rolling down a hill
staring at space
afternoon naps
soft stuffed toys
hot showers
shouting yeet
infatuation over someone
smooth rocks
stacking things
writing sentiments
i can still feel therefore i am still alive
Athanasius Dec 2018
I miss the quiet of unrequited love;
Quaint love that wasn't quite love,
Less like love and more of lust.
Just trust in faith, trust, and pixie dust
To guide your hand to this wonderous Wonderland,
A Neverland you'll never have
Where the only truth is fixation on imagination.
Sensual sensation and internal infatuation
In combination with pain and frustration of waiting for nothing;
I hate it.
But I love it, I laud it, applaud it,
The freedom, the fleeting feeling of being love drunk till kingdom come.
The beating drum of a beating heart that will be beaten down but will come around,
For in the game of love for two where only a single player plays,
There is no winner in the end, the joy comes from the chase.
Let your feelings run free in the fields of your imagination
Athanasius Sep 2018
The flash of light came so suddenly.
You illuminated the stormy sky,
And for a second
The black clouds disappeared,
Replaced by a blanket of white;
You were the spark that lit my life,
And in that moment I could see.
But then, my vision cleared,
No longer dazed and blinded.
You struck me,
You left me paralyzed.
Was I that careless
To leave myself out in the open?
Or was I that fragile
That I was left shocked and broken?
You left as quick as you came,
Only leaving your deafening message,
Each word painful to hear.
Staring at the amorphous darkness,
Raindrops and tears fell in unison;
I was alone again in the rain.
Lightning never strikes the same place twice. I pray this is true.
Athanasius Sep 2018
Sublime splendor, my celeste;
Oh, the beat that strikes my chest.
At night I wonder 'bout your day
And if you think of me that way
'Cause when I think of you my dear,
I grin wide from ear to ear,
For your beauty's measured more
Than diamonds and riches galore.
So my dear, it makes me grieve
That I can never quite achieve
Your love; I look on from afar
At my twinkling little star.
Up above my world so high, I can never catch your eye
Athanasius Aug 2018
You're nothing special,
Nothing extravagant,
Nothing like a star
Or a tranquil forest.
I can never have those things.
You're as simple as a chair;
You keep me up
When the world brings me down
You may not be special to them, but you are to me.
Athanasius Aug 2018
Why do I write? For her alone?
To let the field be wintered snow?
To leave the love to thrive and grow?
Or reap the yield of love once sown?

We carve our names on apple trees
Because I write for us, not me;
These poems then are what can be
The garden where we plant our seeds.
What a beautiful garden
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