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There's a demon in my mind
We have the same face.
She likes to whisper things in my mind-
I am dumb, I am unloved,
I am not enough.
She slips in unnoticed
When the world knocks me down,
Even though I always try to lock the back door.
There's a demon in my mind.
She's strong, and she is cruel.
I don't know how to stop her.

There's an angel in my mind
She, too, looks like me.
Somedays I have a hard time finding her,
But she is never too far away.
Everyday she goes to battle with my demons.
She doesn't always win
But she still goes back to fight the fight that left her tired the night before.
There's an angel in my mind.
She's strong, and she is brave
There is no stopping her.
Wearing down over time,
Weather and elements to blame.
Ice, mountain, or metal,
In some aspects, the same.
Add a little pressure,
Keep it pouring on.
Don't do anything to stop it,
And soon it will be gone.
Right now they may not show the cracks
Appearing strong, but they will shatter
Yet, after it's all over,
What does it really matter?
They all meet similar ends,
Mountains eventually turn to dust,
The ice will soon melt,
And metals  begin to rust.
Foundations will crumble,
Empires will continue to fall.
Everything we know will be gone.
Leaving nothing behind at all.
To strangers, she's just the quiet girl,
In the corner of the room
That nobody really pays attention to.
To friends, she is the one
Who will always have their back
And carries the secrets others never hear.
Her family, they see (fake) smiles
Believing everything is fine
Not understanding.
To herself?
Yes, sometimes she is happy
But more often she is screaming inside,
Trying to break the cage
She feels trapped in.
I'm choking on words
I'll never say
Written in pen
They smear and fade
But when the sun
Rises at dawn
Maybe then
You'll hear my song
Twin towers up so high
Who know they'd fall from the sky
Fifteen years ago
A tragedy that we all know
So many died
And so many cried
Now all can do is remember the dead
We think what can not be said
May we all remember 9/11
I'm not afraid of heights,
Not deep water, or love
I'm just afraid of falling
To the ground from up above
I'm afraid of sinking downwards
Through the depths of the sea
Or loving with my whole heart
If he doesn't love me
Can't you see
How your words are breaking me?
Almost two years later,
And I am still left wondering why.
"Let's just be friends."
Did I do something wrong?
I asked, but you never said.
So here I am, blaming myself
Wondering what I did,
To make you leave.
Never wanting to let anyone in,
Afraid life will just repeat.
Because all I can think of
Are the words you said
That broke me.
I may be dumb when it comes to love, but I don't think anything could be worse than being left and not knowing why.
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