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Nov 2014
Just like I can be ***** if you want me too
Rip my clothes off
Who the ****'d stop you?

Was I asking?
Was I begging?
Did my knees look
so beguiling?

Did I want you? Want your slime to
drip down my legs like
sweaty dew.
Your panting breath left to stick
to me like glue.

But **** me, I'm a feminist "*****"
**** me, I'm the ugliest "bore"
**** me, and my empty sense of humour
**** me, I'm society's 'tumor'.

Because I'm stupid when I write.
I'm nonsensical when I fight against
illiterate vowels. Stop struggling they
yell as I bite into their arm give them hell

Sound the alarm
I've found Society's cyst.

Apparently the enemy does not exist
Pessimistic, narcissistic, neurotic and
paranoid *****

she's probably a ****** witch

I can be all those things if I have to.
I can be all those things if I want to.
The point is that I have a choice

I would tear a **** off with my teeth
before I give up my right to a

Don't generalise me.

I was meaning to have a looking back poem as my 200th but I guess it'll have to wait a bit :P Got angry at the world.
Life's a Beach
Written by
Life's a Beach
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