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Nov 2014
I don’t       but I’m      a ******* mess
Need             not         ******* distress
To be         *******         impressed
Dead            right             her once
Yet                 like                  but
I don’t        I don’t      second guesses
Need           I even         say the rest
To be            write         to be wrong
Dead             a lot            all along
Yet                  of          all the people
To be           people       is the way
A poet         might             right
Society      tonight     sounds good
Has got    its got to             be
A hold          stop               there
On me         its all               at 8
columns then rows. work out the pauses. find the rhythm.
(dnuora emit dnoces eht setirw htiw sthgir ruoy hctiws :yeK)
Henry S. Tobelman 2014
Henry Sebastian Tobelman
   Wellan Xi
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