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some people live for what lasts
some people live for what's left
some people make sure to leave things that last
so the people whom they've left can live
some things last forever that shouldn't
some are the last of their kind
some people care more for material things
than for what's going on outside

they'll be fine in their homes with their money

just fine

until the green on the trees starts to go
remember how great it once grew
before our exponential growth
and everything we've grown to know
and we knew

this year's inflation
in nations and nations and nations of people who all need a phone and who all need a car and who all need more gas cause we drive really far all time and we need to go out in the summer to purchase a new AC
and we all have to separate our wants from our needs
...and we need to begin to go back to the world where we lived for what kept us alive without money or time..
...all the world my mind
but i'm just one guy.
i remember we used to be happy
do we really just want to be fine?
..think of the different meanings of "fine"
...and of "all the world" as 'everyone in the world' or 'all the earth has provided for us'
Henry Tobelman 2015
I don’t       but I’m      a ******* mess
Need             not         ******* distress
To be         *******         impressed
Dead            right             her once
Yet                 like                  but
I don’t        I don’t      second guesses
Need           I even         say the rest
To be            write         to be wrong
Dead             a lot            all along
Yet                  of          all the people
To be           people       is the way
A poet         might             right
Society      tonight     sounds good
Has got    its got to             be
A hold          stop               there
On me         its all               at 8
columns then rows. work out the pauses. find the rhythm.
(dnuora emit dnoces eht setirw htiw sthgir ruoy hctiws :yeK)
Henry S. Tobelman 2014
a fear of joining them
a comfort in seeing them
love for the lost
the time
we spend
is all
we leave
the life of the living
the consciousness lives on
the body
Henry Tobelman 2014
it won't help
me write
its just gives
some insight
on outward
i contain
my brain
i see
in me
and those around
may interact
act react
and reconcile

to your face
to my own

write a note

leave me
don't leave
don't go
Henry Tobelman 2014
your life is always here for you
as long as you are living
the past does not define
not yours, not mine
our minds, our time
this life
all ways

Henry Tobelman 2014
do not dwell
thoughts are hell
and heaven sent
the time we spent
time will tell
the way we learn
all this trust
always earned
the scars are hard
the stars are far
the lights
the heights
and where we are
not together
not apart
we are the teeth
the mouth guard
Henry Tobelman 2014
you have pain
express it
feel better
Henry Tobelman 2014
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