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Oct 2014
A wish unfulfilled
She'll never be reached
But we'll keep on flying
Higher and higher
Above the clouds
Beyond the horizon
Till the air turns thin
Where like blade cuts the wind
We'll keep on rising
Higher and higher
Till our hearts turn blue
Till the blue turns black
And then white: nothing
And then perhaps
We could touch her heart
In the beautiful land of the rising sun they believe cranes live a thousand years, and if you fold a thousand origami cranes (one for each of their years) one wish of yours will come true.
Folding them didn't make my wish come true, but I guess wishing for a heart is wishing too much. So I set them free to roam the sky, maybe that way they'll reach something I can't.
- Pencaricahaya.
Written by
pencaricahaya  31/Chaos
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