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Aug 2014
from you to me
seem like a distant memory
I can't look into your eyes
partly because
I'd break down
but also because
you won't let me see you again
and I care about you
more than a father
and his first son
and in return
you toss me out the nest
like a mother bird
throwing her baby
to it's a eventual death
maybe you just expect me to fly
I guess it doesn't matter now
fool me once...
and so the story goes
"That's life"
you said when you left me
but does it have to be?
does life have to be anything we don't want
we have enough money
enough wisdom
enough anything to do what we want
why must I live through strife
why can't I write my own book
which mind you
if I was the protagonist
you'd be the love interest
and the antagonist
you're the only one
outside of me
that has a pull on me
you drag me to the dirt
like a lasso to a cow
and only pull harder
when I scream ow
you don't love me
although you say you do
that's life I guess
and from now on mine's without you
Written by
Tark Wain
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