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Jun 2014
We have love stories concerning us.
No one seems to know how we
broke up.
You say one thing and I say another.
I guess we disagree on many things
like how our first hug went
or the first words I said to you.
How we actually got together
the first time.

The first time,
it sounds so childish.
Three years ago you asking me
out and I accepting in pity
since the one you thought you actually
liked didn't like you back.

We've had our rough patches
and you want to be friends
but I don't know if I can do that.

You were the first person to like me
To actually understand how I felt
and what I thought
and you still do.
You still hug me and I smile every time.

So I don't know what I'm doing anymore
I guess writing poems about you
when I should be trying
to just be friends
like you want.

But when I've tried so hard to not be
I can't push that all away and give up
all my hard work
even if it hurts us.
I want us to work, but
you want you and someone else
to work.
Written by
Remus  21/Trans Male
(21/Trans Male)   
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