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Jul 2013
There will always be things I never did that I should have.
Words I never said, smiles I never gave,
Thanks I never uttered.
There will always be love I never made you feel
That I should have, everyday of your life.
There will always be lessons I never learned,
Forgiveness I never asked for, truth I never showed.
There will always be time I wish I could take back,
Days I wish I could live again,
Moments I hope no one else has to go through.
There will always be hurt I never wanted to feel,
Pain I regretted having experienced,
Sorrow I never even had to go through
If only I was smart enough,
Brave enough.
If only fate was fair enough.

Life is cruel.
Life is a sadistic jester.
That it’s only now that I begin to realize
The things I should have done,
The words I should have said,
The emotions I should have made you feel,
When you’re no longer here.
Written by
emeraldine087  Philippines
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