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brxken Dec 2019
If we remember that day, happened so fast.
We were falling, falling in love, they said.
We thought God might have written it all.
The sweet destiny of us.
The endless happiness in us.
We used to believe, we will work it out.
Till the hair turns grey, till the skin gets aged.

Do we even know what happens next?

It’s the same, we’re still falling.
But this time, it’s the kind of falling
that breaks the bricks.
And this time, it’s the kind of falling
that causes a stitch.

A poem inspired by Harry.
brxken May 2018
It was a blue night with a full moon.
The companionless wolf ran to the deep frigid woods.
He had nowhere else to go, but there, indeed.
He looked up to the dark sky, howling in pain.
The moon observed, catching him in sorrow.
She whispered, ‘My poor wolf, left behind by your pack’.
‘Who might that be, who might that be’ the wolf wailed.
‘I feel your woe, do not fret, let us find solace’.
Her reply turned the wolf whimpering.
‘Enough with the lament, I promise I am here for you’.
And every time the night is blue, the full moon appears,
sticking to the lone wolf in tears.

brxken Apr 2018
I don't mind
losing those
who I call home,
as for now
I am my own home.

brxken Apr 2018
Through all these empty nights
And the feeling of distant
I hope you know, I am fine
I will find my own color
In the midst of grayness
I will show you my shine
Though we drown in the darkness
I will stop looking for you
Seeing that myself is enough

A major note to self.
brxken Apr 2018
Seven sixty eight miles away,
and I’m intoxicated by you again today.

Seven sixty eight miles away,
tell me not to stop longing you this way.

Seven sixty eight miles away,
and I will wait for you day after day.

A short verse dedicated to D.
brxken Mar 2018
As I travel back
To the memory lane of ours
I witness what beauty was
It was you holding me
When everyone let go
It was you keeping me
When everyone gave up
It was you serenading me
When everyone shouted
Now that you're gone
I guess I'll never know what beauty is

brxken Mar 2018
Running to a quiet place
Filled with silence
Lavished in peace
Not hoping we'd end up in miss

Time is better reversible
We'd run somewhere liveable
Not stuck in this hazy space
Forever till reaper pace

We've lost way
Not knowing where to flee
Nor how to evanesce
We are lost in a maze

I've been absent here, not knowing what to speak. My mind was stuffed with the thoughts of my ******-up life, I just didn't know how to transfer it into words. But today, thankfully, I spent two hours writing this and it felt truly great to finally let out what has been going around my head. Have a good day everyone who reads this.
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