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Feb 2020
If I had said something to you
would you have even heard my voice
we share blood
not exactly
but soon we will be miles apart
I wished we would've changed it
I wish we could go back
I wish you'd try to get better
Cause you made mom's heart go black
She cries all night
I could care less
She misses you
I wish I saw you as a mess
You are broken
She's torn
She's your second choice
You make her laugh when you're around
but little do you know
you're dragging her down
to be brutally honest, I wish
you would go
but that would mean
talking to shows
If I were to tell her all that I know
I'll reassure you,
you'd have no place to call home
And wouldn't that be fair
You never liked to share
You were lazy and never
showed that you care
I won't tell you, the things that I know
but what would that do?
No one would hope
The scotch tape I hold
And the glue that I carry
Will keep mom together, until I get married
Then I will know the struggles
you feel
Because we are one and the same
We stem from the same wheel
This is about my Step-dad and I would like to note, I'm sure he's a great person, but this is something I feel I had to write eventually, and he's not doing his part to heal. It's not his fault for how he is, it's because of his mental disorders. And I guess this poem takes it's roots in the fear that I and he are one and the same in the head. and I don't want to  go through life, tearing families apart like he does, because I've never seen a healthy relationship, I guess this is from the panic of 'what if I'm just as bad and I won't know how a healthy relationship looks'
ok rant over sorry
Artem Mars
Written by
Artem Mars  Non-binary/Still in IKEA: day 627
(Non-binary/Still in IKEA: day 627)   
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