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Feb 2020
I can’t feel anymore. Normally I’m in pain or usually I’m sore. But not recent. No recently I am not happy or joyful. But I’m also not sad or depressed. This is new. I can’t explain. It’s like a never ending never breaking emptiness. Something good happens and I’m lucky to crack a slight grin. Maybe this is a good thing. No more sadness no more depression.
Maybe I’m just an empty shell. I’ve watched my friends go one by one and I stay here.
Sometimes it feels like I’m on another planet. Or maybe I’m living in a dream.
I’m more in a notebook than I am outside. I’m more inside my head but honestly nothing is there.
This is more than dead inside this is something else. I feel like a zombie off medication I feel like I am in a different world unexistant to everyone else.
Like I’m trapped inside a box unable to find the lid like I’m behind a mirror staring at the real me.
This is what I live with on a daily basis unable to talk or feel. I’m no one.
Written by
Anthony  19/M/Ohio
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