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Feb 6
Once upon a time there was a young lady, Who lived just out of the city,
During the day, Her neighbour’s would say,
“Gosh isn’t she polite!”, To which her parents would be proud they are right.
But during the night, She was considerably less “uptight"
She would give her parents a fright.
While she was at work, She would smile all day long even when the customer was a ****,
She was quick to make friends, And no one could call her pretend, They would all trust her to no end.
Once she gets home she would dash to her room, With a thunderous zoom,
To change into her brand new dress, She bumps into her father and tells him not to stress, She explains that’s she’s meeting with Meghan and Jess.
He looks back with an unconvinced smile, With a kiss on the cheek she says “I’ll be back in a while",
She walks to her friends house, With a knock at the door as quiet as a mouse,
Her friend bounds out at a considerable pace, The door tore a hole in her dress lace,
They scurry to the park, Before it goes dark,
As they all decide to meet the boys at the club, Filled with nerves as she’d only ever been to a pub,
But went with it all the same, For fear of appearing lame,
She was told that she would see Nate, A boy she thought was great,
She had plans to win him over before while she is there, And so she locks eyes and begins to stare,
She saunters over and they begin to chat, Nothing real just this and that,
He leans in to near, And whispers into her ear, He says “hey, we should get out of here"
She grins with glee, And nods to agree,
The pair headed across the floor, As they left through the door,
They began to walk down the street, And suddenly down an alley he started to retreat,
She expressed her dismay, She wasn’t going to play, Least of all not this way,
She began to edge further in, And then again a wall he had her pinned,
She told him that this wasn’t fun, He said “oh c’mon, I’ve only just begun",
She begins to regret leaving without a friend, Wishing this would end,
As the discomfort wouldn’t cease, He got his release,
As she sprinted back, Never straying from the beaten track,
With tears in her eyes, Now Nate she does despise,
She went straight to bed, With feelings of dread,
The moral of this tale, Will never go stale,
Never be quick to trust, You never know who is filled with lust,
This story may appal, But you must recall,
For many on this world, This tale had unfurled,
And now they carry it for life,
Teach sons of consent, To keep them decent,
And tell girls of the signs And how to draw the line.
Danté Le Beau
Written by
Danté Le Beau  24/M/Manchester, UK
(24/M/Manchester, UK)   
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