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Jan 2020
No one around town likes a fly
and there's no need to question why.
It spreads germs all over the place
which in turn cause so much disgrace.

With living habits that aren't sound
it seems no one wants it around.
Cleanliness for it is absurd
because its food can be a ****.

When it lands on a person's skin
all their patience quickly wears thin.
They will try to brush it away
and doing so have a good day.

It's not for nothing that we hear
people saying things which are dear
like 'there are no flies on one's back'
meaning that person is not slack.

Woe to that insect called the fly
'cause on its demise none will cry.
Creatures like it on the food chain
are best ignored for they bring pain.

Though some creatures do feed on it
they've evolved stomachs that are fit.
They alone know what to expect
but which other forms will reject.
Written in 2019
Written by
George Krokos  M/Melbourne, Victoria, Aust
(M/Melbourne, Victoria, Aust)   
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