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Dec 2019
Lost out at sea on my only boat,
in my panic I went and lost its only oar,
now I needed a way to get to shore,
oh, by the way, it’s not that I have been here before.

I have been to the beach even as a child,
sea she has always been kind and mild,
waves it seemed to me played with me and smiled,
seashore had my imagination run wild.

Rough conditions and a rudderless boat,
only love for the sea and no one else to see,
telling myself I will reach this shore it’s easy,
praying I will soon do something gutsy.

I haven’t seen a mermaid,
but she was right there for my aid,
guiding me like a beacon that was putting on a parade,
her fins were as pretty even when they swayed.

The night must have passed,
Sun hit my face and the sea was vast,
I woke up wondering why I was not at the shore,
my mermaid was with me I swore,
the lady yelled “are you okay” like a roar,
Her badge said she was from the Marine Corps.

I had seen my Mermaid.
TS. 2019.
Written by
     Larry Marshall and Fearless
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